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“7 Babies Dey Inside That Belle”: Video of a pregnant Nigerian woman goes viral

After posting a video exhibiting her enormous baby belly on the TikTok app, a young woman became quite popular.

The joyful mother showed off her expanding belly in the video she posted on her official account.

The courageous mother went on to explain that she had twins, and online users praised her greatly.

After a captivating video of a pregnant Nigerian woman appeared online, social media erupted.

On TikTok, a woman going by the handle @kenollyblizhairline7 uploaded a video of herself showing off a significant pregnancy bump.

She detailed the difficult pregnant process and her 39-week baby belly in the video.

She then published a video of the adorable twins on her Facebook, revealing that she had given birth to them.

She shared the cute video to show off her delight, and online users praised her greatly.

Reactions when a mother of twins displays a large baby bump

Since then, the video has gained widespread traction, with numerous internet users thanking her for her blessings and expressing awe at the size of her baby belly.

Woman announces triplet pregnancy and displays baby bump

A pregnant woman known as @valeradabby96 on TikTok reportedly recorded a video thanking God for her triplet pregnancy, according to YEN.com.gh. The woman happily danced in the touching video while showing off her enormous baby bulge.

She disclosed that her mother-in-law had insisted she would never be able to have kids. The woman’s motivating caption for the video urged viewers to have faith and accept their blessings.

“This year, you will undoubtedly hear a baby scream in your home. CLAIM it with confidence,” she advised.



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