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A closer look at Apple’s new iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max

We have braved the press scrum to provide you with a closer glimpse at the new iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max. The most significant development is, of course, the advent of USB-C. Eleven years have passed since Apple debuted the beleaguered Lightning interface, so an update was long overdue.

Add to that recent EU legislation designed to universalize USB-C and the fact that Apple has brought out this nearly ubiquitous standard to the rest of its devices (iPad, Macs), and you can see why the company made this decision.

Using the USB 3 specification, the Pro and Pro Max offer faster transmission speeds than the standard 15 models. Obviously, this necessitates the purchase of a separate cable. The new 15 models are also among the first to support the Qi2 standard, which is essentially an enhanced version of the MagSafe standard with faster wireless charging capabilities.

Titanium is what Apple really wants to discuss, however. Easily understood, I would say. The metal is the optimal combination of strength and weight. In fact, the handsets feel lighter than previous models (Pros have historically been quite hefty).

Additionally, the Action icon should be mentioned immediately. This is directly borrowed from the Apple Watch Ultra, replacing the iPhone’s Mute button since its inception. As opposed to Lightning, some individuals may actually miss Mute, but you can also assign that feature.

The button is unquestionably an improvement, comparable to the former Bixby button for which Samsung offered a degree of customization for multiple generations. You can alter it by accessing the Settings page. There is a straightforward tutorial that allows you to select features such as screen captures and camera shutter. I enjoy it.

I didn’t have time to test out the new camera features (did I mention there was a scrum? ), but we’ll get a lot more quality hands-on time with the device soon. I can only say that the sample photos are impressive (but aren’t they always? ), as well as the ability to quickly switch between various focus points. Using computational photography and machine learning, conceive of the Lytro camera (RIP).

Apart from USB-C, 5x optical telephoto is the feature that I am most enthusiastic about. I don’t believe people comprehend how revolutionary this is for photography. Will be intrigued to see what “optical quality” means on the standard 15, but this here is the real deal.

On Friday, preorders for the iPhone 15 Pro will begin. The devices will be available for purchase on September 22.



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