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A grisly murder trial commences in Sweden.

A Norwegian man residing in Sweden denies committing any wrongdoing by placing his deceased Norwegian companion in the couple’s freezer. He is not charged with her murder but rather with dismembering her body and fraudulently collecting her pension after neglecting to report her death.

The woman’s family in Agder, southern Norway, reported her missing after they lost contact with her. When they visited the couple’s residence, the 55-year-old defendant claimed she was out or sleeping and later stated she no longer wished to communicate with her family.

The police eventually searched their home and discovered the woman’s body in the freezer. Experts in forensics believe she perished of a disease and that her body parts were frozen in 2018. The police discovered cold food on top of them.

This week in court, the defendant contested the charges initially brought against him. Now he claims that although he discovered his partner deceased, she subsequently rose from the grave. He then declined to comment in response to the prosecution’s queries.

Previously, he told police he placed her corpse in the freezer because she wished to be buried on their farm. Since she passed away in the winter, he asserted, it was impossible due to the icy ground.

He has acknowledged using her bank account but asserts that it was a joint account and that he only withdrew funds jointly with her.

Psychiatrists designated by the court determined that he did not suffer from mental illness in 2018, and he still does not. His defense attorney disagrees. The trial is taking place in the Karlstad County court closest to the defendant.



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