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A new “Stable Volume” function is being tested by YouTube across all of its mobile apps.

A new option that will assist some YouTube users in maintaining the volume of their videos at a more constant level may soon become available.

Following a Reddit user’s discovery of a future setting called “Stable volume,” YouTube has subsequently verified the experiment is currently being tested with people all around the world.

The “Stable Volume” feature, as its name suggests, attempts to balance out the volume of various YouTube videos, some of which may be louder than others.

Other media providers have been meeting the demand for sound leveling for a while, including smart TVs, sound systems, and media players like Roku, which has its own Automatic Volume Leveling feature that, for instance, targets noisy ads.

The Stable Volume function wasn’t publicly announced by YouTube, but a number of users noticed it in their app, including “This Is Tech Today” channel founder M. Brandon Lee.

The feature “may be a normalizer and compressor that evens out the volume so you don’t have big jumps in volume in between videos and even parts of a video itself,” Lee hypothesized in a tweet over the weekend.

Currently, YouTube has a function called “Stable volume.”

I’m not sure exactly what it is, but I believe it might be a normalizer and compressor that evens out the level so there aren’t significant volume differences between videos or even inside a single video.

perhaps a problem for music.

— M. Brandon Lee THIS IS TECH TODAY, July 15, 2023 (@thisistechtoday)

The function was still regarded as a test for the time being, according to YouTube, which validated the creator’s assumptions.

A YouTube representative told TechCrunch, “We are currently developing a new YouTube listening control tool that offers a more consistent sound for viewers when watching videos. The experiment, they continued, “is conducted globally and on mobile devices.”

The YouTube app’s video settings page will display the Stable Volume function if you have access to it.



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