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After the Senate hearing, Xander Schauffele joined the betrayal train on the PGA Tour

Xander Schauffele no longer has faith in Jay Monahan, commissioner of the PGA Tour.

During the press conference on Wednesday before the Genesis Scottish Open, Schauffele discussed his concerns with Monahan and the LIV Golf arrangement.

“If you want to call it one of the rockier times on Tour, [Monahan] was supposed to be there for us and wasn’t,” said Schauffele. He clearly had some health problems.

I appreciate his saying he feels lot better. He will face a lot of difficult questions upon his return, I would say.

“I don’t readily trust people. He formerly enjoyed my trust, but not quite as much anymore. Therefore, I’m not alone in saying that.

Jon Rahm and other elite athletes have also felt misled by the PGA leadership.

Monahan announced the PGA’s framework agreement with PIF to the globe on June 6 with Yasir Al-Rumayyan, the governor of the Saudi Public Investment Fund (PIF).

Players were taken aback by the announcement as important parties had excluded tour stars from the conversation during negotiations.

Rory McIlroy, a fervent PGA Tour fan and vocal opponent of LIV Golf, acknowledged that the announcement made him feel like a “sacrificial lamb.”

As a result of how well-liked he is by both his fans and peers, Schauffele has enjoyed a long career.

He now expresses his displeasure with McIlroy and Rahm about the PGA’s contract with PIF’s lack of transparency. He does, however, hope that the PGA Tour would keep its players informed.

“Most of the PGA Tour players are together and want to be informed and have a say in what happens,” Schauffele said on Wednesday.

“At the moment, this hearing and everything else that is happening are only sort of milestones in the road of gaining not what we want but more transparency and getting a seat at the table. It is a membership-based organization, as it should be.




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