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Ajagurajah Flaunts GH¢20k Cash, Benz And Mazda In Video, Brags About His Wealth

Ajagurajah, the spiritual leader of Ghana, flaunted vast quantities of money and his properties in a video that elicited reactions from his followers.
The spiritual leader urged his followers to continue believing in God because he had accomplished so much through faith.

He explained that the GH20,000 currency he displayed in the video was a gift from someone to cover his data bundle costs.

During a Facebook live video, the spiritual leader of Ghana, Ajagurajah, also known as Bishop Abed Kwabena Boakye Asiamah, flaunted his vast wealth and opulent vehicles.

On his Facebook page, the Ghanaian blogger Zionfelix uploaded a live video of Ajagurajah, the leader of Universal Spiritual Outreach, also known as the Ajagurajah movement.

Ajagurajah wowed his admirers by flaunting GH20,000 in cash and the newest models of Mazda and Benz automobiles. The controversial spiritual figure used the occasion to impart sage advice and urge his followers to have faith in God in order to obtain similar blessings.

Ajagurajah’s extravagant display of affluence has elicited a range of responses from internet users.

While some of his followers praised his achievements and saw them as evidence of the power of spirituality, others criticized his public display of affluence.

Ajagurajah said:

“I received this GH20k as a gift this morning. The individual requested that I use it for my data bundle. Because I have faith in God, I have received innumerable gifts from generous individuals. Today, the deity Ajagurajah has done this for me, and if you have faith in God, so can you.”

Below is a video of Ajagurajah discussing his properties.

Some Ghanaians responded to the video by Akuapem Poloo.

Some Ghanaians responded negatively to the video, accusing Ajagurajah of deceiving his followers, whereas some followers followed Ajagurajah’s instructions.

Meanwhile, previously reported that Ajagurajah provided a comprehensive explanation for why Black Sherif may have joined a cult.

Black Sherif, according to Ajagurajah, must defend himself against Ghanaians. He also informed viewers in a TikTok video about the evil entity he observed at the performance.



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