Amanark real estate Ghana – Amanark real estate: Address, Location and Contact

Amanark real estate Ghana – Amanark real estate: Address, Location and Contact

amanark real estate Ghana

Are you looking for the answers to amanark real estate Ghana? Maybe you are an agent or an individual who want a land of plot or a house to rent or buy a broker who wants to partner with a credible Amanark real estate company in Ghana.

Then Worry no more!

There are many detail information about amanark real estate company in Ghana.

amanark real estate Ghana

I may not be able to cover all the detailed information about Amanark real estate Ghana, that deal with the sale of properties in Ghana and renting of a house and buying of land and other real estate properties, but I will do my best to give you the most reliable information about Amanark real estate.

The amanark real estate company is primarily responsible for the acquisition and sale of land, renting and leasing of properties, as well as building and selling their properties.

It can be a residential real estate or for commercial or industrial purposes.

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What I can provide for you is the complete information of one of the best and the most reliable real estate companies that are operating in Ghana now (amanark real estate Ghana).

Most of the estate companies are only located in Accra while others too have offices in different towns like Kumasi, Kasoa, Takoradi, Koforidua, etc.

I have one of the best among some few trusted real estates and given an overview of what this company is all about.

This is the amanark real estate Ghana and this company has competitors and it includes the following real estate companies Devtraco, Trasacco Valley, Appolonia city, Castle gate estate, KAS estates, and Lakeside Estates.

amanark real estate ghana

This is another credible estate developer in Ghana. With their:

Amanark Real Estate Ghana motto

 You Dream it, We Build it.

Amanark real estate company limited has expertise in the real estate business with many years of experience.

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What Amanark Real Estate Ghana do

Amanark Real Estat Ghana sells litigation free lands at Tsopoli, Dodowa, and Shai Hills. Their lands are very large at cheap or affordable prices.

Amanark Rea Estate Ghana Property Security and Others

Amanark real estate Ghana - Amanark real estate Address, Location and Contact

Amanark real estate Ghana properties have 24/7 security, electricity, water, and easily accessible roads.

At Amanak real estate, they provide and supply cement, iron rods, stones, blocks, and many other building materials for customers who buy land and want these things.

At amanark real estate Ghana, Even if you want your building to be designed and built for you by them, Amanark real estate can do that at a very affordable price.

What is more About Amanark Real Estate Ghana?

Amanark estate has a very flexible mode of payment.

Yes, with all these good services I know you would want to contact them. You can locate Amanark real estate company limited at Ashaiman Municipal opposite the Queen’s Hotel.

Amanark Real Estate Ghana Address

Where is Amanark Real Estate located?

Amanark Real Estate is located at Ghana, Greater Accra Region, Ashaiman Municipal, Ashaiman, Ashaiman Road.

How do I get to Amanark Real Estate Ghana?

See how to get to Amanark real estate Ghana:

on foot, by car, by public transport, or by taxi.

You can also make enquire by calling them on:

Telephone: 0201427331.

Working Hours

You can also visit them one of these days with working hours

Saturday 7:30am–5pm
Sunday Closed
Monday 7:30am–5pm
Tuesday 7:30am–5pm
Wednesday 7:30am–5pm
Thursday 7:30am–5pm
Friday 7:30am–5pm

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