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AMC abandons scraps plan to charge more for better seats

AMC Theaters has announced that it will not implement a tiered pricing system that would have charged more for preferred seats and less for front-row seats. Since March, the plan, named “Sightline,” has been tested in three U.S. markets.

People continued to sit in the preferred seats despite a modest price reduction for these seats, according to the company, which reported “little or no increase in front-row seating demand.

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Even with the minor increase in price, more than 75 percent of AMC Stubs members who had previously purchased tickets for preferred seats continued to select those seats.

AMC also noted that its rivals did not attempt to replicate its experimental program, which is another reason why it is discontinuing it, as it made the company less competitive in test markets.

The pilot program will conclude in the coming weeks at participating locations, and the initiative will not be implemented nationwide, according to AMC.

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Although this pilot program was unsuccessful, AMC will look for another method to fill the frequently empty front rows of its theaters.

“AMC is applying its learnings as it pivots to its next innovation: enhanced spacious front row seating with extensive seat recline,” the company explained in a blog post. “AMC will begin testing its newest seating concept in late 2023.

Large, comfortable seating areas in the style of a lounge will enable guests to recline completely. The angle of the seats will also make viewing movies from these seats in the front row, closest to the screen, more pleasurable.

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Although AMC intends to terminate the tiered pricing pilot program in the coming weeks, it will remain in effect for what will likely be the busiest weekend of the year for moviegoers, as “Barbie” and “Oppenheimer” open today.




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