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Another Max Verstappen victory, another broken trophy for Red Bull

Another victory for Max Verstappen and another trophy loss for Red Bull

Red Bull’s extraordinary success this season comes at a price.

Damaged mementos.

Max Verstappen’s first-place trophy fell to the ground during his victory celebration for the second week in a row. In contrast to the Hungarian Grand Prix, where Verstappen’s first-place trophy was accompanied by Lando Norris’s signature champagne pop, this time it was the team’s jubilation that led to the award.

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Red Bull gathered the team for the customary post-race photograph, but as the team raced toward the cameras and the champagne began to flow, the trophy became entangled in the action:

The offender? The sign indicates that Sergio PĂ©rez finished in second place.

This angle, shared by the team, shows Verstappen turning around and exclaiming, “It’s broken again!”

It appears that additional trophy restorations are in their future.

However, you can guarantee that nine other teams would love to have this problem.




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