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Assam Cracks Down on Exam Cheating with Strict New Law: Up to 5 Years’ Jail and Heavy Fines

The Indian state of Assam is taking a tough stance against exam cheating with a proposed new law that could punish offenders with up to five years in jail and a hefty fine of Rs. 10 lakh.

This stringent measure aims to curb the growing problem of cheating in various examinations, which has eroded the credibility of the education system and sparked public outrage.

The law defines various forms of cheating, including using unfair means, impersonating candidates, and leaking question papers. It empowers authorities to conduct searches, confiscate electronic devices, and cancel the results of cheating candidates.

While some hail the law as a necessary deterrent, others express concerns about its potential misuse and the impact on students from disadvantaged backgrounds.



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