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Ayisha Modi discusses her role as Stonebwoy’s marriage counselor and calls Dr. Louisa her best friend.

The link between Ayisha Modi and Stonebwoy and his wife has been made clear by the Ghanaian socialite.

The current distance between Stonebwoy and herself, according to Ayisha Modi, is only a result of their hectic schedules, she added. Stonebwoy and his shared their marital issues with her for advice and counsel.

Ayisah Modi, a socialite from Ghana, has at last discussed her relationship with Stonebwou and Dr. Louisa. Despite rumors that the musician had cut her off, she insisted that everything was OK.

Even though she no longer spends time with Stonebwoy, her relationship with him is still intact, according to Ayisah Modi.

She noted that due of her tight bond with her husband, Dr. Louisa treats her as a sister-in-law.

A combination of Dr. Louisa, Stonebwoy, and Ayisah Modi
Credit for photo goes to @drlouisa_s and @she_loves_stonebwoyb.
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The circumstances surrounding Stonebwoy and the dancehall artist were made known in a phone chat between Ayisha Modi and her goddaughter.

According to Ayisha Modi, Stonebwoy’s wife has no concerns with her proximity to the musician and is not envious of her.

In comparison to his wife, Stonebwoy is like a brother. That was how I interacted with them. Stinebwoy and I didn’t really interact. There were far too many things being said.

Because of our close proximity to Lousia, his wife has never displayed jealous tendencies. We are even more connected than I am to Stonebwoy.

The interview can be seen below.

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People respond to Ayisha Modi’s allegations that Stonebwoy and her talk about getting married.

Many people were shocked that Stonebwoy would talk about personal matters with Ayisha Modi, who is known to leak information when her relationships go south.

Comment from @comfortacquah270:

Who in their right mind would talk to Ayisha Modi about their marital problems?

@marydjidjor1148 left a message:

Greetings, Ayisha. I had no idea that you assisted Stonebowy and his wife in their marriage. Dame Dame.

Abass Sariki’s denial is met with Ayisha Modi’s response that he was correct to disrespect her.

Ayisha Modi’s response to her alleged spouse Abass Sariki’s denial of any marital relationships with her was reported by in other news.

She claimed that because Abass Sariki was angry with her, he refused their marriage.

Photos of them together as a pair wearing matching clothing solidified Ayisha’s position.




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