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Barbara, the wife of Major Maxwell Mahama, publishes a stirring memoir titled “Resilience! “Reflections From A Widow’s Journal”

Barbara Mahama, the wife of Major Maxwell Mahama, has written a new memoir on her life as a widow.

She announced the release of the memoir with the working title Resilience! Saturday, July 15, 2023: Reflections from a Widow’s Diary
The narrative was published six years after her husband, an army officer, was brutally killed by a mob in Denkyira Obuasi.

Resilience, a memoir written by Barbara Mahama, the late Major Maxwell Mahama’s widow. Observations From A Widow’s Journal.

On Saturday, July 15, 2023, Barbara Mahama posted a notice on social media announcing the publication of her memoir.

She advertised the availability of the book on major online book retailers via a post on Instagram that featured the book’s front and back covers.

Barbara thanked her supporters in her caption and announced that the book would soon be available in hard copy.

As the book’s title suggests, the mother of two describes how she has managed to get by following the tragic death of her husband.

Lynching of Major Maxwell Mahama in Denkyira Obuasi

On May 29, 2017, at Denkyira Obuasi in the Upper Denkyira West District of the Central Region, Maxwell Mahama, who was a captain in the army at the time, was mercilessly lynched to death.

While out for a morning jog, the late Mahama, a soldier of the 5 Battalion of Infantry, was lynched. According to early reports, he was mistaken for an armed robber.

But it was later discovered that the deceased, who was in charge of a group of soldiers guarding a nearby mining site, had been targeted by unauthorized miners (galamsey folk), whose operations had been impeded by the soldiers’ presence.

While Mahama received a state funeral and a posthumous promotion to the rank of major, some suspects were detained after an army swoop and are still in custody.

At Airport Hills in Accra, a statue of Major Maxwell Mahama has been constructed. Source of the image: @sweet_maame_adwoa
original summary of Barbara Mahama’s autobiography

The widow, who has been commemorating the tragic incident’s anniversary for six years, has chosen to write a memoir about her experiences.

The stunning Barbara describes in the book how she put the pieces of her life back together and lived for herself and her children while mentioning the role that God had throughout it all.

The reader is welcomed into the life of a widow in a way that embraces and exceeds expectations in this very poignant narrative of grief and love.

In parts of the blurb, it is stated that “this book portrays the raw feelings of the loss and the tremendous imprint her spouse left on her life and the woman she has become after the death.

View Barbara Mahama’s memoir’s back cover by swiping down below.

The memoirs of Yvonne Nelson and Adjetey Anang are in the news.

The publication of Barbara Mahama’s book follows that of actress Adjetey Anang, whose book is titled Adjetey Anang: A Story of Faith, Imperfection, and Resilience.

The actor confessed to straying on his wife, as YEN.com.gh earlier reported, and this sparked controversy online.

The memoir by Adjetey Anang came after Yvonne Nelson’s even more contentious book, which generated greater online interest.

The actress revealed shocking allegations about Sarkodie, Iyanya, her mother, and many other people in the novel I Am Not Yvonne Nelson.





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