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Beautiful Nature Photography Exhibition Continued to Raise Climate Awareness

“The Long Summer, 2007 Norway” depicts polar bears at a fjord next to Cape Fanshawe.

What has greater power than fear? “Hope,” SeaLegacy enquires. Its simplicity gives it the power to move you ahead when it seems there is nothing left to grasp onto.

Hope enters into any mind that seeks its guidance, whether it be as a longing glance, a vast presence, or a fleeting notion. And it is the same word that Cristina Mittermeier, Andy Mann, and Paul Nicklen, our co-founders, embody and lead.

Photographs of Emperor Penguins taken at Ross Sea, Antarctica’s Mario Zuchelli Base. At Floe Edge in Terra Nova, there are penguins.

The Town of Greenwich is co-hosting amazing Arctic and nautical photos by renowned wildlife photographers and colleagues Paul Nicklen and Cristina Mittermeier at C. Parker Gallery in Greenwich, Connecticut, to help people fully grasp the significance of this message.

This gallery exhibition of photographers with Canadian and Mexican ancestry has been postponed until July 30th. But the time is running out, just like with the effects of climate change!

These works have also caught the attention of such illustrious celebrities as Justin Timberlake (rumoured Connecticut residence), Prince Hussain Aga Khan, Jennifer Garner, and Katie Couric.

Greenwich is an affluent neighbourhood 40 minutes from Manhattan. Despite their notoriety, the two photographers co-founded in 2014 and utilize their photographs to reach as many people as they can with the environmental message.

Numerous well-known magazines, including CNN, National Geographic, TIME, the Washington Post, and hundreds more, have featured their work.

Al Gore’s voyage on the Lindblad NG Explorer to Antarctica. 2012 Antarctic Peninsula, Ephemeral Palace [+] Antarctica

In a CNN International video included with the press release, Mittermeier spoke with Zain Asher and said, “My images are a method of decreasing the price of entrance into the most important discourse we can have, and that is the future of life on earth.

“If we don’t acknowledge the system that has been keeping us alive for millions of years, then we’ll disappear,” Nicklen concurred.

Mittermeier and Nicklen welcome smaller-donor members to join The Tide, an ocean-focused movement to rescue turtles and other significant marine creatures directly through, if you are not only interested in purchasing a photograph.



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