Bring My ‘Kpanjak’ If You Want To Join Politics — Bawku Naba Warns Divisional Chiefs

The Paramount Chief of Kusaug Traditional Area and President of Kusaug Traditional Council, Zug-raan Naba Asigri Abugrago Azoka II, has cautioned his divisional chiefs who are aligning themselves to political parties.

He said chiefs who are declaring their political stands for parties undermine the chieftaincy institution and require that they return their regalia locally called ‘Kpanjag’ back to him if they wish to go into active politics.

According to the Zugraana Azoka, the constitution of Ghana stipulates that chiefs can abdicate their throne If they are interested in taking part in partisan politics. ” The same constitution in article 276 (1), says you can abdicate and go and do your politics and so if any chief under my paramountcy is interested in joining politics you can return the Kpanjag and go ahead.”

Naba Abugrago Azoka II said this at an emergency meeting with his 25 divisional chiefs in Kusaug Traditional area at the head office in Bawku, Upper East Region on 17th October 2020.

The Zug-raan gave the warning through his Divisional Chief for Binaba, Moses Appiah Abaare who spoke on his behalf during president Nana Akufo-Addo tour of the Region.

Naba Appiah Abaare stated, “All the people in this area, the Kusaug land, have cattle to dowry our wives, have cattle for our income and have cattle for any other thing. We used to sell all our cattle to pay school fees. You have come at the right time to save mother Ghana.

“Mr President, we thank you enormously. And the people of Kusaug particularly the people of Bawku West will never forget of you. You will come back and you will come back and you will continue to come back.

“Mr. President, the Zugrana has asked me to make a solemn appeal to you that by all means, you will come back again the second time and when you come back, you should not forget about Bawku West. We are so large that we need another district”.

The Vice President of the Kusaug Traditional Council Naba Tambiisu Kuweke, Ibrahim Aguuri in his submission also called on his colleague chiefs to embrace any political party presidential candidate who may called on them at their palaces without taking stances.

“You may not know the one who will win and so when you openly campaign for one person or party and the person loses you may not get what you want under his tenure as president and that will largely affect the entire people under you. So be extra careful not to create problems with your pronouncements before political candidates,” he warned.

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