Cal Bank Branches In Accra – List of All The CalBank Offices With Contacts and GPRS location in Accra

In this guide, your attention will be drawn to the Cal Bank Branches In Accra – List of All The CalBank Offices With Contacts and location in Accra so if you have the problem of looking for Cal Bank Branches in Accra to save with or to withdraw money .

Are you looking for a list of all Cal Bank branches in Accra? Or perhaps you’re looking for a particular branch in Accra or maybe you want to know more or Cal Bank offices in the Greater Accra region. Whatever you’re looking for, we’ve all the list of Cal Bank Branches in Accra for you here at

Cal Bank Ghana Limited was previously Continental Acceptance Limited. It officially began its works or operations in Ghana in the year July 1990.

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Cal Bank provides the most efficient banking services for most Ghanaians.

It has a highly professional staff who are ready to provide one of the best customer services to their clients.

Recent checks from Branch Locator have revealed that there are more than seventeen (17) branches of Cal Bank in size.

Sadly, Cal Bank does not have offices in the main areas of Accra, such as Medina, Asahiman, Kanesi, La Paz, Makola, Nungua and even Osu.

Nevertheless, Cal Bank’s other offices in other parts of Accra may serve clients in those privileged areas.

Here is a list of all Cal Bank branches in Greater Accra, Ghana.

In the table below you can see the addresses and phone numbers of all the branches.

Cal Bank Branches In Accra – List of All The CalBank Offices With Contacts and GPS location in Accra
Cal Bank BranchesGPS CodePhone Numbers
Head Office BranchGA-055-4585+233 30 268 0061
Achimota BranchGA-024-8950+233 26 300 8191
Airport City BranchGL-126-6824+233 24 340 0264
Dansoman BranchGA-537-0812+233 54 434 1556
Derby Avenue BranchGA-141-8259+233 26 300 8177
East Lagon BranchGA-378-0107+233 26 300 2944
Graphic Road BranchGA-216-2363+233 26 377 5946
Labone BranchGA-013-2736+233 55 649 0044
Legon BranchGA-081-4040+233 26 301 8233
Private Banking BranchGA-077-3170+233 26 301 8232
Ring Road Central BranchGA-027-0340+233 26 300 3925
Ring road West BranchGA-101-2234+233 26 301 7661
Spintex Road BranchGT-366-2188+233 30 281 5835
Tema Community 1 BranchGT-021-6090+233 54 434 1560
Tema Community 25 BranchGK-0146-2069+233 26 379 2750
Tema Industrial Area BranchGT-071-1198+233 26 377 5949
West Hills Mall BranchGS-0207-6820+233 54 011 0941


Cal Bank Branches In Accra – List of All The CalBank Offices With Contacts and GPRS location in Accra

We will provide you with the list of all the Cal Bank offices in Accra so that you find it easy to locate any of your choices or for you to know where to locate which bank branch of Cal Bank in Accra.

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Maybe you don’t want to know only the branch locations without many details then. If that is the case then here is the list of Cal Bank offices in Accra:

  1. Cal Bank Head Office Branch (Independence Avenue)
  2. Cal Bank Achimota Branch
  3. Airport City Branch
  4. Cal Bank Dansoman Branch
  5. Derby Avenue Branch
  6. Cal Bank East Lagon Branch
  7. Graphic Road Branch
  8. Labone Branch
  9. Cal Bank Legon Branch
  10. Private Banking (World Trade Center)
  11. Ring Road Central Branch
  12. Ring road West Branch
  13. Cal Bank Spintex Road Branch
  14. Tema Community 1 Branch
  15. Cal Bank Tema Community 25 Branch
  16. Tema Industrial Area Branch
  17. Cal Bank West Hills Mall Branch

The above list is all the list of CalBank branch and locations in Accra where you can make transactions.


The answer is yes. Most Cal Bank branches in Accra are open on Saturdays. Comparing some banks that do not work on Saturdays or weekends, averagely all the Cal Bank branches or offices in Accra work on Saturdays or weekends.

Cal Bank Bank in Ghana works on Saturday from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm

Since the bank closes the previous closures for normal banking hours, it is advisable to go to the bank early to avoid long lines.


Neither Cal Bank is an international bank nor does it operate abroad. It is a commercial bank that works in Ghana to meet the banking and financial needs of large, medium and especially small businesses.

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This is not an international bank because you can’t find Cal Bank in other countries only in Ghana. As a commercial bank in Ghana, Cal Bank is regulated by Ghana Bank.

This does not mean that you cannot make international transactions as a customer of Cal Bank. Apart from this, you can use your Cal Bank account to be involved in any online business or to send and receive money from other countries.


You do not need to visit the branch before signing up or register for Cal Bank’s mobile banking services.

You can do this directly on your phone by dialling * 771 #, then selecting Option 1 (self-registration).

Callbank mobile banking services are available on MTN, Vodafone and Airteltigo.

For those of you who do not feel comfortable in self-registration, you can go to the nearest Cal Bank branch and customer support will help you to register.

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The Calbank mobile banking registration process is not as difficult as you think. You can get it done in minutes if all the requirements are available.

CallBank Money Transfer Questions well Explained

What Services Do You Offer?
  1. Western Union
  2. MoneyGram
  3. Vigo, RIA and
  4. Samba
What Do I Need In Order To Receive My Money Transfer?

Your name on the transfer record, completed by the person sending you the transfer, must exactly match your name as it appears on your official ID.

How Do I Receive A Money Transfer?

Ask first for the reference number that is associated with your transfer. The person who is sending you the money transfer suppose to have the reference number. After that, you have the reference number then following the below instructions.

1. Visit any CAL Bank location.

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  1. Bring your reference number and a personal valid photo for identification.
  2. Complete the receiver form at the Bank and hand the completed form to the Teller.
  3. Then you will be given your money.
  4. You will be required to provide personal identification, usually one or more of the following: Voter’s license ID, passport and National driver
  5. You may also be required to provide proof of address Requirements
When Will The Money Be Available For Pick Up?
  1. Money is usually available for pickup within 10 minutes* of being sent with our same day service.
  2. Transfers sent with the other service are usually available within three business days.
CalBank Product & Services
  1. CalBank Kiddysave Account
  2. CalBank Current Account
  3. CalBank InvestPlus Account
  4. Fixed Deposit Account
  5. Treasury Bills
CalBank Customer Service or supports
CalBank Online Help
  1. Internet Banking
  2. Account Opening Forms
  3. Frequently Asked Questions
  4. Scam Alert
  5. How to Spot a Scam
Want to know More about CalBank
  1. Mission
  2. Board of Directors
  3. Senior Management
  4. Our People
  5. Corporate Social Responsibilities
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