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Over the past fortnight, I’ve been posing the most important query in quite a lot of tactics. 3 days in the past, I expressed it as follows:

‘We now have nonetheless but to damage our duck in the case of chucking anyone in the next pay-grade overboard. Till we begin doing that, the outlook may be very bleak, I’m afraid.’

Two days previous, I expressed this opinion in the case of the élite’s quadrophonic assaults on Boris Johnson:

‘Boris Johnson is notoriously susceptible at the stats…[&] merely isn’t product of the calibre sought by way of the 0.01% as Level III of the plot abandons the cod science of vaccivirus in favour of stark realities like bourse cave in, hyperinflation, mass unemployment and the onward march of virtual cash insanity’

My pleasure on the considered Johnson’s impending decline used to be hugely tempered by way of the realisation that The Folks had not anything in any way to do with it. I bemoaned this previous in January by way of writing, ‘The issue with all of this for me is that The Folks have had no involvement in any respect in any try to get Johnson out. If the 0.01% ditch him, then no member of the 1in8 can take credit score for the scalp. Despite the fact that the PM himself isn’t probably the most “illuminati”, riots, moves and non-compliance seeing him off would, oddly, had been significantly better information for liberty’.

Only a few assets I exploit truly know if Justin Trudeau is just every other Gofer like Boris….or upper within the Davos score in conjunction with different toerags like Matt Hancock. Something can then again be seen for sure: no different chief on Earth (aside from the appalling Jacinda Ahearne, whose fiefdom, to be truthful, is of little geopolitical importance) has been so brazenly admiring of top-down illiberal ‘liberal’ poppycock than the Canadian chief….and displayed such dedication to the type of social demarcation and condemnation that resulted in Dachau and Auschwitz. My slump is, an increasing number of, that he’s a devoted Schwabisch enthusiast made up our minds to impact a régime of irreversible ‘transhuman’ international step-change.

To mention I’m thrilled by way of the Canadian Truckers’ motion is a large understatement: in over thirty years of enjoying and dealing with Canucks, I’ve met only one I didn’t like…and no one else preferred the little creep both. As a country, their descent upon Ottowa has the sensation of possibly – simply possibly – an actual Captain Nemo about to stroll the plank. For me in my view, occasions there and in different places within the coming weeks are going to persuade my very own technique selections to a point that I in finding each alarming and but attention-grabbing on the similar time: alarming as a result of I admit brazenly to being scared; attention-grabbing for the reason that probabilities to persuade occasions within the favour of Gentle no longer Darkness provides all the ones ready to ‘get caught in’ the sense of a coming 2nd Wind.

As the attention of what’s in play on Planet Earth finally starts to seep down the pyramid of social hierarchies – from frail beginnings on the opinion-leader pinnacle in opposition to mass mobilisation a few of the least privileged (and least compliant) proletarian realists – we’re beginning to see some certain signs of cohesion. By means of a ways essentially the most encouraging to me is the an increasing number of held opinion that the unvaxed minority need to embody those that to begin with failed to identify the contrick in Covid19, however now be apologetic about their resolution and feature drawn a line within the sand. (The preponderance of younger moms a few of the regretters is each predictable and wholesome).

However this undeclared Global Warfare III has slightly begun. I’d post that, as of now, 3 routes are being adopted by way of the ones of both long-held or more moderen outlooks in regards to the dystopian long term that might so simply lie forward:

  1. Keep at ‘The Entrance’ and combat to the final bullet….what one may time period ‘Higher Useless than Drive-fed’
  2. Flee and regroup in an atmosphere of like-minded souls, there to hold at the combat by means of a mix of environment examples – and activist deconstruction of the neo-Nazi narrative. I generally tend to name this ‘Mayflower II’ considering
  3. Run away and take a look at to cover, whilst broadcasting lofty social media pronouncements about what “should” be achieved – as long as you the poseur don’t must do it. I dub this tactic, “You hit them and I’ll grasp your coat”.

I’m in reality torn these days between the primary two. To stick and combat is viable as long as one recognises simply how outgunned the 1in8 are by way of the leanings of the media, legislators, spooks, tech fqscists, central bankers, law enforcement officials, judiciary, bourse magnate corporations, Globalist multinationals and Leftlibs. What occurs to the Canadian Truckers and lookalike actions in as an example Italy goes to be a very powerful to my resolution.

To shape a start-afresh colony of Pilgrim Fathers has nice enchantment for me, and a number of other considerations are already putting in such initiatives. My leader niggling doubt about this path is the opportunity of leaping out of a Davos billionaire pan into a hearth of Moonies. It’s one thing (being an Aquitaine resident) I’ll be hanging to the check within the run-up to the French elections subsequent April: frankly, if the Boy King Macron is returned, a flight to anyplace – even Musk’s Martian dream – goes to appear excellent.

The 3rd path isn’t in reality being adopted by way of that many of us: you’ll run, you’ll bribe, you’ll hide your avatar – however in spite of everything, no hiding position might be safe sufficient…as Ghislaine Maxwell proved past all doubt. My enjoy to this point has been that such narcissists see themselves as providing an answer; however as frequently as no longer, if truth be told they’re a part of the issue. Let’s face it, if everybody talked the debate and did not anything else, the self-styled Masters of the Universe would win hands-down.

The Truckers face tough odds, made transparent in a powerfully succinct piece by way of Sonia Elijah the day before today. At one level, she writes:

‘No longer everybody has been supportive of the truckers. A lot of the mainstream media has thus far selected to forget about this enormous convoy. The shops that experience lined it, had been in large part destructive, the use of words similar to “so-called Freedom Convoy” and “a convoy of anti-vaccine Canadian truckers.” One web page ran the headline “The ‘Freedom Convoy’ Is Not anything However A Automobile For The Some distance Proper.”’

Demonisation techniques hardly ever replace. I confess to a gorgeous unalloyed admiration for Sonia’s paintings, and can wait with baited breath for her subsequent opine at the matter. Encouraging this morning used to be the net allegation that State paperwork had been bought purporting to turn a staged ‘US Jan sixth riot’ narrative has been ready because the excuse for mass arrests. Then again, the convoy now arriving in Ottawa is fifty miles lengthy….and being joined by way of US opposite numbers. So Mr Intrudeau goes to fight with that one.

Keep tuned.

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