Collisions Are Rare and Near-Misses Should Be Investigated

  • A business pilot instructed Insider that flight collisions and near-misses at the runway are uncommon. 
  • In fresh months, no less than 5 near-misses or airplane collisions have happened on airport runways. 
  • He mentioned investigators wish to work out whether or not it is a twist of fate or a bigger factor. 

A business airline pilot instructed Insider that collisions between planes on airport runways are tremendous uncommon, however that investigators wish to glance into whether or not the selection of collisions and near-misses in fresh months are a twist of fate or a part of a bigger drawback. 

Gary Baumgardner, a business airline pilot out of LAX who has been flying planes since 2007, mentioned, “protection and keeping off injuries are at all times a priority,” including that “shut calls” have came about prior to now. 

“The one new worry is the quantity of those incidents taking place over a shorter period of time,” he mentioned. “The query we must be asking ourselves is, can those incidents be attributed to one thing new, or are they simply an peculiar twist of fate of incidents that came about to line up.”

In 2023 on my own, there were no less than 5 collisions or near-misses on airport runways, together with incidents at JFK Global Airport, Boston Logan Global Airport, and Newark Liberty Global Airport

This isn’t the norm, Baumgardner mentioned, including that “the airways and the FAA have completed an incredible process at making air shuttle the most secure approach to shuttle.” 

He mentioned that during his 16 years as a pilot, he hasn’t ever witnessed a collision or a near-miss, including that this “places into point of view simply how uncommon those in fact are.” 

“Every now and then the rules of chance and statistics say most of these occasions taking place immediately can be a twist of fate, however we must be analyzing all probabilities,” Baumgardner mentioned.

He stated that there may not be a deeper reason why as to why this is happening. 

“This stuff occur as a result of we are living in a less than excellent global, and people are vulnerable to errors,” Baumgardner mentioned.

In spite of those mistakes, Baumgardner insisted that the FAA, pilots, and flight crews are tasked, at the start, with protecting their planes and their passengers secure in each situation and defined plenty of protection provisions airways have in position to make sure this. 

“It is in truth superb to assume how easily and little errors are made 99.99% of the time,” Baumgardner mentioned. 

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