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Corsair is Acquiring mechanical keyboard maker Drop

These days, it appears like everyone is purchasing a mechanical keyboard business. With the acquisition of its own mechanical keyboard business, Corsair has outdone them all.

The peripheral manufacturer from Fremont, California, revealed today that it is acquiring “certain assets” from Drop for an unknown sum of cash.

Drop CEO Jef Holove announced the acquisition by writing in a blog post, “Drop has been acquired by Corsair.

What this will mean for Drop and our focus on our discriminating, active enthusiast community is probably on your mind right now, especially in light of the fact that we’ve been watching other players in the community struggle or outright fold.

Naturally, we believe that this decision is beneficial for us, you, and the hobby, and I’ll explain why here.

The CEO referred to the Portland-based company’s product line, which includes a number of keyboards, keycaps, and audio accessories, as “small but mighty.

The company specializes in mechanical keyboards and creates high-quality hardware. Since a few months ago, I’ve been using the Drop Shift keyboard. The company is renowned for other high-profile branding initiatives, such as keycaps with Lord of the Rings and Marvel IP.

According to a press release from Corsair CEO Andy Paul, “Personalized Keyboards that can be modified by the consumer are one of the fastest growing trends in the gaming peripheral space.”

“Drop has established itself as a market leader, and with Corsair’s global reach, we anticipate seeing the Drop brand expand dramatically around the globe.

We are also thrilled to be able to provide specialty Corsair and Elgato products to the community of enthusiasts with whom Drop is involved.

In 2018, Corsair acquired the gaming division of Elgato and has since continued to produce products under that name.

The business already produces a number of mechanical keyboards and will keep Drop as a separate brand.

“Corsair will enable our team to deliver more of what you enjoy. Soon, Corsair will be able to purchase new things from us that we both enjoyed producing. You’ll witness fresh collaborations with popular local artists,” says Holove.

“Having access to a top-notch supply chain will increase the dependability of bringing you those things. We’ll also be able to serve all of you outside the US who simply want an easier, more cheaper method to receive the things you crave fundamentally better with a worldwide logistics capability behind us.



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