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Currently, this AI content creation tool costs $100

This Wordplay AI Content Generator is available for $99.99 if you wish to produce copy for your small business or personal landing page. WordPlay has a guided mode that generates full-length articles based on an outline and a few simple queries, and a headline mode that generates articles based on a headline and basic length parameters.

Wordplay also has two outlining modes: One generates a single article based on an outline, while the Bulk CSV mode allows you to upload a CSV file containing multiple outlines and generate articles for them simultaneously. You can also offer AI more freedom by providing it with an article topic.

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Two-minute overview and demonstration of wordplay

Users are limited to 10,000 words per month, and some content modes allow for the creation of articles up to 5,000 words, so it is prudent to moderate your usage. It is a lifetime subscription with no recurring fees, and new users can access it on an almost unlimited number of devices. The Wordplay AI Content Generator Lifetime Subscription is currently $99.99, but prices are subject to change.



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