Despite Crashing Stocks And Cryptos, Retail Investors Just Won’t Stop Buying All The Dips – Investment Watch

One thing exceptional is going down within the markets: regardless of a close to document 10 out of eleven weekly drops within the S&P500…

… and a now unheard of and document 11 of 12 weekly declines within the Dow Jones reasonable…

… retail traders are purchasing the dip, time and again and once more and so forth. And no longer solely that, their purchasing will get extra competitive the decrease shares slide.

In line with the newest EPFR information, traders plowed a whopping $16.6bn to shares, it all passive after all, with $32.3BN to ETFs offset through $15.7bn from mutual budget, bringing the YTD ETF inflows to $328BN vs $117BN in long-only outflows.

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