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This kind of idle gossip proved especially engrossing during the beginning of the pandemic, when most celebrities were locked in their multimillion dollar homes, not doing anything, and the traditional tabloids had little to report.

“I love to know, like, J. Lo’s restaurant order or what brand shampoo Jennifer Aniston really uses,” the woman behind Deuxmoi said. “I feel like you’re not really getting that information anywhere, and this is coming straight from the people who have served them or worked with them. Like, if it’s celebrity shopping at a boutique — I don’t know if this is too invasive — but I’ve asked, ‘What size jeans did they buy?’”

Though she also posts more dramatic updates about celebrity divorces and general misbehavior, they don’t spark the same kind of joy for her. “Somebody’s going to message me and say like, so-and-so was caught doing drugs at a party or having a threesome or whatever,” she said. “It’s just not as exciting as it sounds anymore,” she sighed. “I don’t know, maybe it’s the state of the world.”

Mundane celebrity gossip has become popular across social media: On TikTok, restaurant workers share their run-ins with celebrity patrons. (After user @juliacarolann, a Manhattan restaurant hostess, accused Hailey Bieber of being “not nice” during a handful of visits to the unidentified hot spot, Ms. Bieber apologized in the comments.)

Other celebrity-focused Instagram accounts have started to pump their followers for celebrity anecdotes, too. Emma Diamond and Julie Kramer, the founders of the account @commentsbycelebs, which catalogs social media exchanges involving celebrities, teamed up with Jesse Margolis, the founder of @overheardla, which posts overheard snippets of conversations between young Los Angeles residents, to create @overheardcelebs.

This new account highlights user-submitted stories of almost uniformly positive celebrity encounters. The posts are so inoffensive that celebrities themselves respond to them. (On a post detailing a time when Jennifer Garner was allegedly nice to someone backstage at a Broadway play, Ms. Garner commented that she remembered the encounter.)

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