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“DM Me If You Want One”: The Nigerian Man Who Introduced Electric Bikes Makes a Fortune As People Purchase Them All

A few days after unveiling and announcing his electric bikes, a Nigerian businessman is already raking in the dough.
In a recent update, the ecstatic proprietor reported that he has sold all of his available bicycles.
The businessman disclosed to Legit. ng the battery life of the electric bicycles before they required recharging.

As a result of Nigerians’ interest, the entrepreneur, who launched electric motorcycles online, has seen a massive increase in sales.

The Igbo man, @mr_geff1, delightedly announced on Twitter that his stock of bicycles had been purchased, causing him to restock.

He implored netizens who were still interested in purchasing an electric bicycle to direct message him after announcing his new stock.

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This time, he stated that the price had changed and that he would only sell to end users and not wholesalers.

In Uganda, a Nigerian inventor invents electrified motorcycles.

Previously, reported that a Nigerian man invented electric motorcycles in Uganda.

According to the Nigerian-born engineer, his team developed vehicles to meet the transportation requirements of the Ugandan people using local talent.

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According to reports, he stated that electric motorcycles are already being tested on the streets of Kampala, the capital of Uganda, and that research has shown that they are very viable and can be manufactured in Uganda using local talent.

As the world transitions to clean energy, many countries are transitioning to electric vehicles, and Uganda has been viewed as progressing in this direction under the leadership of a Nigerian professor.



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