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eBay acquires Certilogo, an AI-powered product authentication company.

eBay announced today that it has completed its acquisition of Certilogo, a provider of AI-powered digital IDs and authentication for apparel and fashion products.

The terms of the transaction were not disclosed. CEO Michele Casucci will continue to lead the Milan-based company.

Certilogo utilizes digital technology to assist brands in managing the lifecycle of their garments while also providing consumers with a means to verify authenticity and access accurate information about products. eBay’s acquisition of Poshmark suggests that it intends to enhance the marketplace’s secondhand fashion authentication.

“We are excited to welcome the talented Certilogo team to eBay, as they bring their passion and cutting-edge technology to our community of fashion enthusiasts,” said eBay Vice President Charis Marquez in a statement.

“Through this acquisition, eBay will be able to offer brands secure, flexible, and compatible connected product solutions. Through counterfeit-resistant digital product passports, brands will also be able to safeguard their customers from fakes and engage in commerce.

When eBay first disclosed the acquisition in May, the company described it as a significant investment in the expanding pre-owned fashion category.

According to the company, the acquisition strengthens eBay’s reputation as a reputable marketplace for pre-owned apparel and fashion. eBay also stated that it provides consumers with greater assurance as they make more eco-conscious purchasing decisions.

“The partnership between Certilogo and eBay will unlock opportunities for consumers and brands to connect, opening up new potential to activate and expand engagement with the circular economy,” said Certilogo CEO and founder Michele Casucci. Our team is prepared to immediately begin integrating our technology and infrastructure and ensuring a seamless transition for our customers, brand partners, and the entire eBay community toward a more sustainable and connected future.

eBay has been attempting to improve its authentication and fraud detection capabilities over the past few years, and this latest acquisition reflects this effort. In 2021, eBay acquired the authentication business of Sneaker Con Digital, which verifies the veracity of expensive footwear. In February, the company acquired 3 PM Shield, an AI-powered fraud detection company.



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