Ebenezer Old Students To Launch Padua Regeneration Program

The Regeneration Team of the Ebenezer Old Students Association will soon launch a five-year regeneration plan to transform derelict structures and facilities into an attractive, vibrant, innovative, and high-quality education institution.

The project which will be undertaken in three phases aims at uplifting the current profile of the school and the state of the affairs within the community to a high standard fit for purpose.

The team, under the chairmanship of Paduan Joe Fleischer, met last Friday at the school and discussed the state and level of deterioration of some basic facilities and infrastructure at the school.

The team agreed without further delay that it has to jump into the situation looking at the level of the run-down to uplift the current profile of the school and bring it to some level of a standard fit for purpose.

The team identified 15 key projects that need to be undertaken and after further consultation, it was scaled to eight. The team finally came up with THREE projects that need to be worked on without further delay.

These are the directional signposts, clearing of the school compound which has turned into a complete bush, and repainting of the whole school which has become an eyesore.

The team has therefore embarked on aggressive fundraising activities to seek about 1,500 old students to contribute at least 200 Ghana Cedis from now till November 30 to undertake the first phase of the project.

Within a few days after the announcement of the intentions of the team, some patriotic members have started pledging towards the first phase of the project.

“We will therefore urge all to take the bull by the horn and come to the rescue of the school. Much as we will appreciate year groups coming on board we will very much appreciate and encourage more and more individual contributions as much as possible”, according to members of the regeneration team.

To contribute to the project fund please contact

Lloyd Evans

Global President

020 9366381

J. N. O. Fleischer Chair Regeneration Team

Prosper Lord Agbesi Amlade Deputy PRO

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