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Europe sees delivery challenges ahead on Alzheimer’s therapies

Europe anticipates delivery difficulties for Alzheimer’s treatments.

Alzheimer’s specialists will gather in Amsterdam on Sunday for a major conference, beginning at a time when the field, depending on which expert you ask, has some rare momentum with novel therapies beginning to demonstrate patient benefits.

Scientists and physicians told STAT that despite the hard-won victories, the arrival of the new therapies presents a new set of challenges in Europe as countries plan their potential rollouts.

Health systems will need to adjust to diagnose patients earlier and monitor them for treatment-related side effects.

If their medicines receive European approval, companies will be required to negotiate reimbursement agreements with all member states, a procedure that frequently causes some nations to wait years for new drugs to become available.

As a result of the obstacles, the therapies will likely be administered initially at a limited number of centers, limiting the number of patients who have access to them, according to doctors from across Europe.

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