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Five Best Equipment for Maintaining a Clean (and Hygienic) Workspace

Research demonstrates that a clutter-free workstation, whether digital or physical, can improve productivity and well-being. Decluttering is wonderful, but do you know what else is beneficial once you’ve accomplished that? Working in an extremely tidy environment.

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Creating a clean environment requires disinfecting, sanitizing, and cleaning up dust and debris, so here are some devices to assist you in doing so, even at work.

1. A microscopic vacuum

Start by removing dust and debris with a mini-vacuum. The ODISTAR desktop vacuum is compact, inexpensive ($12.99), and effective enough to clean up after a snack that leaves crumbs on your desk or removes dust from your keyboard.

2. A UV disinfectant

UV sanitizers are effective at killing pathogens without using moisture, which is detrimental to technology. Keep one on your workstation to charge your phone or any other small device. Try the PhoneSoap 3 ($63.96) for your phone or the larger Papablic 4-in-1 box ($129.99) for larger items, as they come in a variety of sizes, some of which are better adapted to flat devices.

3. A water container with self-cleaning capabilities

Have you considered how filthy the reusable water bottle on your desk becomes if you leave it there over the weekend? The $17 UVBrite Go bottle sterilizes itself at the touch of a button. The lid is also equipped with a UV-C purification system to inhibit the growth of microorganisms.

4. A disinfecting lantern

Don’t you want to constantly clean your desk? Select an LED sanitizing lamp, such as the OttLite Thrive ($74.97). It is equipped with “SpectraClean” disinfection technology to eliminate microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi, as well as a USB charging port and a clock.

5. A portable air purifier that can be worn

After cleaning your workstation, why not clean the air around you as well? Purchase a wearable air purifier, such as the $150 AirTamer A315W. The rechargeable device cleans the air within a three-foot radius using electrostatic purification.


A clutter-free workstation can improve productivity and well-being. To maintain a clean workspace, consider using devices like a microscopic vacuum, a UV disinfectant, a self-cleaning water container, an LED sanitizing lamp, and a portable air purifier.

These devices help remove dust, debris, and pathogens without using moisture, making them ideal for charging small devices. Additionally, consider using a water container with self-cleaning capabilities, such as the UVBrite Go bottle, to prevent bacterial growth.

Finally, consider purchasing a wearable air purifier like the AirTamer A315W, which uses electrostatic purification to clean the air within a three-foot radius.



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