Florence Sottie to carry her artwork to Mount Afadzato for exhibition

Entertainment of Thursday, 19 November 2020

Source: Kay Agbenyega, Contributor

Female artists Florence Sottie Female artists Florence Sottie

Florence Sottie one of the artists whose work will be on Exhibition on the peak of Mount Afadzato as part of the Pan African event, the Decade of the Black Woman and Black Youth of Excellence events will carry her celebrated and hugely expensive artwork of 28inches x 40inches, to the peak of the famous mountain all by herself.

It is a celebrated work which is expected to attract huge global interest when it finally reaches the 2900 peak of the mountain for a global Exhibition that will be shown live across the globe before and during the Christmas period.

The work itself is expected to be the most expensive, if not one of the most expensive artworks originating from Africa.

Valuers have so far pegged its attraction to be one percent of the current Mona Lisa.

The medium of the artwork which is a portrayal of Efua Nyarkoa, who reflects the quintessential qualities of the Black Woman of Beauty is beads and plywood, painstakingly and exquisitely done in beads on plywood with the collage technique.

Florence Sottie, uses rich tones that the beads provide to give her work a strong physical presence.

The colours featured in the work are under the category of warm colours in order to reflect passion, happiness, enthusiasm, energy and positivity to its viewers. The beauty of her work is that it will draw the viewer closer to look and feel the beads in order to experience and appreciate its significance.

There are other iconic artworks of Winnie Mandela as part of this global pan African Exhibition.

Among the large body of works that will make the spiritual “pilgrimage” on Mount Afadzato is the work of artist Isaac Nii Aryeetey who also made a wonderful portrait of Winnie Mandela using buttons, plywood and cloth.

Isaac Aryeetey’s work is produced using mosaic and collage techniques. His work predominantly utilizes buttons of different colours to create variety, the sense of three-dimensionality as well as the optical illusion of pixilation when viewed up-close.

He also incorporated the Kente cloth to create contrast. This work is best viewed from afar because the farther you move away from it, the buttons fuse into each other to give the effect of wholeness.

In all, over 40 Efua Nyarkoa and Iconic Winnie Mandela artworks will be carried to Mount Afadzato for Exhibition, headlined by Florence Sottie’s exceptional and globally acclaimed beads portrait.

It will take 4 days to reach the peak, interrupted at intervals with special pan African cultural events at certain points in the historic climb and commentary on the importance of the Transformational Leadership events across Africa which is the main thrust of the Decade of the Black Woman and Black Youth of Excellence events.

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