Free SHS Graduates Association Program Records Low Turn-Out After ASEPAs Condemnation

The first procession of the Free SHS Graduates Association, Political grouping of graduates of the free SHS program sponsored by the NPP, recorded a low voter turn out after Executive Director of ASEPA Mensah Thompson heavily criticized the Association.

Speaking on the morning show on NhyiraFM Mr. Mensah Thompson descended heavily on the politicisation of the Free SHS program and it’s resultant groupings called the Free SHS Graduates Association.

Mr. Mensah wondered why any responsible government would entertain such groupings.

“The children who enjoyed free SHS do not owe President Akufo-Addo anything and so they have no obligation to go on the street and campaign for him because he gave them Free SHS,” Mr Mensah said.

He continued that if the children themselves want to vote for Akufo-Addo because he gave them free SHS they should go ahead but nobody should encourage such needless politicization especially involving children and education.

He argues that the Free SHS was financed by the taxes of all Ghanaians and not from the pocket of President Akufo-Addo or the NPP.

“What is the reason they would subject our children to this needless and reckless venture,” he emphasised.

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