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Ghanaian Bride With Extremely Small Waist Looks Gorgeous In Barbie-Inspired Pink Kente Gown For Her Luxurious Wedding.

Akosua, a Ghanaian newlywed from the Ashanti Region of Ghana, has captivated social media users with her hourglass figure.

As seen in makeup and hairstyling videos circulating on social media, the dark-skinned bride could not stop beaming.

Some social media users lauded the fashion designers for using accurate measurements to create a one-of-a-kind outfit for the active newlywed.

Akosua, a Ghanaian bride, has captivated social media users with her fashionable kente costumes for her traditional wedding.

For her lavish wedding ceremony, the curvy bride with a tiny waist donned pink and blue corseted kente ensembles.

Akosua, the Ghanaian bride, is beautiful with and without cosmetics.

During the makeup and hair-styling session for her traditional wedding, the beautiful bride flaunted her spotless visage.

For the video shoot, she donned a white bridal robe with corseted puffy sleeves and an infectious smile.

Ghanaian wedding Akosua dazzles in blue kente attire

Akosua, the bride-to-be from Kumasi, slayed in an off-shoulder kente gown and a voluminous, multicolored headdress that cascaded over her shoulders.

Akosua, a Ghanaian newlywed, displays her cleavage in a pink kente dress.

The stunning bride Akosua caused a commotion when she appeared in a beaded, cleavage-baring pink gown.

Akosua, the Ghanaian newlywed, also appeared enchanting with her long hair and flawless makeup as she smiled gracefully for the cameras.

A Ghanaian bride who resembles a Barbie doll and is wearing a green corseted Kente gown while complaining about her small waist. previously reported on the Ghanaian bride Trusty, who donned exquisite kente attire for her traditional wedding.

The striking bride in the online wedding video, who resembles an African Barbie, is seen dancing nonstop.

For the lavish occasion, the black newlywed slayed in frontal lace hair and flawless makeup.

Ghanaian Bride Dazzles in Three Expensive Corseted Kente Gowns and a Custom White Gown Costing GH121,900.

Previously, reported on the expensive, custom-made kente gowns worn by an affluent Ghanaian bride.

Helena, the stunning bride, requested a $10,000 custom-made white gown for her white nuptials.



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