Ghanaian politicians are selfish, corrupt and inept

Politics of Friday, 30 October 2020



President Akufo-Addo and John Mahama President Akufo-Addo and John Mahama

The Liberal Party of Ghana’s parliamentary candidate for Bunkpurugu in the capital of Bunkpurugu-Yunyoo district, a district in the North East Region of Ghana, Dimongso Kafari Benjamin has described Ghanaian politicians as selfish, corrupt, and inept.

He says political leaders who have had the opportunity to manage the affairs of Ghana lack the skill of accountability.

The development worker speaking in a virtual conversation organised by the Institute for Liberty and Policy Innovation (ILAPI) the theme ”Youth in Politics for Economic Prosperity” said political leaders over years lack the skill and their attitudes from the past were not accounted for.

He argued people should not be appointed just because of their affiliation with a political but rather be appointed based on their competence and skills.

Mr. Dimongso believes getting into politics especially for young people should about the service for others and not the individual politician.

Young politicians he advised must have the mentality to enter politics to serve the people so they don’t engage in corruption and deprive the people of what they need.

The majority of Ghanaians he stated go into politics just to be recognized and not interested to help people get things that are sustainable.

He said: “For the past decades to support the rural child and women have been neglected. We have voted for years but can’t see the effects. Over the years, politicians in my constituency have only capitalized on the voting pattern of the people to only win power and deprived them of development. They only leverage on the poverty of the people to get to, political office, and then ignore them. I am joining the race this year to assist my people.”

He encouraged young people especially from civil society groups and NGOs to join politics because they are far superior on development issues than politicians.

‘It is an important part for young people to go into politics because most of the projects are to be carried out by the youth. We have the competence to manage affairs in political parties and contribute to the development of Ghana. It is important for youth to participate in politics.”

He declared the 2020 general elections would be full of surprises.

“From our aspect of political activities, I can say there would be surprising results. It is going to be one of the greatest elections and because there are a lot of young people coming into the elections. We need to go into the elections peacefully so we can have a peaceful outcome and a good country to live in.”

On how politicians can genuinely own property without taking advantage of the system, he said politicians must first declare their assets before and after leaving office.

He also called for systems where people could easily have access to the documents on the declaration and activities of politicians.

“You must declare your assets before and after your political activities even if you lose. You should also be accountable and people should have access to information about the political activities of politicians. Ghanaians must hold political leaders accountable.”

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