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Ghanaian Woman Biblical Baddie on TikTok Tearfully Recounts How She Flew Away From Suspected Kidnappers in a Taxi

Biblical Baddie, a Ghanaian TikTok star, sobbed as she described how she escaped from alleged kidnappers who pursued her as she traveled to a night shift.
The group of men in the taxi from North Kaneshie revealed their true intentions by attacking her and demanding her phone and its password.
She amazingly survived the ordeal when they eventually pushed her out of the moving car in Achimota, allowing her to get help and find her way back home via prayer and divine intervention.

Biblical Baddie, a popular TikTok user in Ghana, has revealed a terrifying account of how she narrowly escaped potential kidnappers.

She was on her way to night duty on a Sunday at around 6:30 pm when the event started. She entered a taxi from North Kaneshie, thinking it was going to Circle, in search of transit.

She had no idea that the people in the automobile had evil motives. The men quickly bound her face and assaulted her when the automobile abruptly came to a stop as they approached a remote place.

A woman from Ghana describes escaping a group of kidnappers.
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They began to drive in the direction of an unspecified location after demanding her phone and its password. Biblical Baddie prayed frantically, pleading with God for help as he faced this dreadful situation.

She experienced a miraculous turn of circumstances that matched her prayers. She was brutally ejected from the moving car at Achimota by the attackers.

She managed to get assistance from a sympathetic taxi driver who drove her to the Abeka gas station despite being bruised and disoriented. She finally managed to get a ride home from there.

“Please use extreme caution whenever you get into vehicles, whether they are taxis, trotros, or Ubers. At the conclusion of the video, she urged viewers to exercise caution.

An unnamed young Ghanaian driver related another incident in which three Nigerian ladies came perilously near to snatching his car in the middle of the night after he had just closed for the day.

On TMGHLive on YouTube, the man reported the incident as happening around the Adenta-Legon stretch at around one in the morning.



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