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Gifty Anti sparkles in a sequin gown and displays dance moves to King Promise’s song, “Terminator.”

Oheneyere Gifty Anti, a well-known media personality from Ghana, is praised for her excellent sense of style.

She continues to enchant with her stunning African print outfits at the age of 53, showcasing works by both well-known and up-and-coming fashion designers.

The well-known fashion star treated her followers to a stunning sight in a charming Instagram photo.

She was dressed in a gorgeous, glittering pleated dress that Joycelyn DeDesigner had expertly made.

Gifty Anti’s grace and luminosity were enhanced by the three-quarter sequin dress, which became a symbol of her individual style.

Gifty Anti added an extra touch of luxury by carefully accessorizing with distinctive beaded jewelry pieces to go with her outfit.

The media personality projected an ethereal air, mesmerizing anyone who lay eyes on her as she enthusiastically moved to the contagious beats of King Promise’s popular song, Terminator.

Gifty Anti’s well-done African braided hairstyle enhanced her inherent beauty and complemented her appearance as a whole. She effortlessly completed her entrancing image with delicate yet flattering makeup, leaving spectators in awe of her enduring attractiveness.

Gifty Anti published a photo on Instagram showcasing her amazing sense of style as well as a glimpse of her vivacious attitude and enthusiasm for life.



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