How do I send money via mpesa?

How do I send money via mpesa? if the beginning question is a problem for you as an M-PESA customer then you have solutions now, because this article or guide will considered how to send money via mpesa, how to check your mpesa balance and many more.

How to check your M-PESA Balance

You can check your current balance on m-PESA for free without being charged. Note, your balance shows at the last end of each and every SMS every time you do an M-PESA transaction.

  • Select “Show balance” regarding my Safaricom App or select Check Balance on the M-PESA menu in your Safaricom sim tool kit.
  • Enter your key PIN
  • Watch for SMS confirmation message together with your balance

How to Deposit Cash to Your M-PESA Account

To place cash in your account that is m-PESA you:

  • Head to an authorized M-PESA agent along with your phone and ID that is original.
  • Inform the agent simply how much you need to deposit.
  • They will make use of their phone that is representative of your e-money in exchange for cash.
  • You and your representative shall get an SMS from M-PESA confirming the deal.
  • You might top up your account that is m-PESA from a bank account. Your bank features a rule that is short mobile banking

How do I send money via mpesa?

You’ll send or transfer cash to any other phone that is mobile, no matter if they are not a Safaricom customer. To send money you need to fund your own account that is m-PESA either agent deposit or bank to M-PESA top-up.

To send money, go directly to the menu that is Safaricom and select ‘M-PESA’

  • choose ‘Send Money’.
  • Enter your recipient’s contact number, the amount you wish to deliver and your PIN. You together with the recipient shall get an SMS confirming the transaction.
  • You will get a display screen with the offered information you have got entered above, (age.g., Send cash to xx xxxxxx, KSh 3000) concur that its proper then Press Ok. A pop up with the true name associated with the receiver can look at the screen. Don’t forget to confirm the actual name associated with the recipient.
  • To quit a transaction that is incorrect press any number or page and press send within 25 seconds.

If you send or deliver money to the number that is wrong

  • Call 234 or 200/100 for post prepay or pay whichever does apply for a reversal to be initiated. Reversal is done whenever money provided for the quantity that is incorrect still available in the receiver account.
  • Send the confirmation message to 456 for reversal
  • If effective, you shall get an SMS indicating that the reversal is complete.


This service allows you to confirm the title of the intended recipient for the funds, before completing a transaction that is m-PESA.


How Hakikisha Works:

  • Head to M-PESA
  • Send Money
  • Enter Phone Number
  • Enter Amount
  • Enter M-PESA PIN
  • OK to Send
  • You will get yourself a notification with all the recipient’s that is meant
  • to quit any incorrect transaction, deliver any page or quantity within 25 moments. Pressing cancel, close dismiss or will NOT stop the transaction.

The feature that is pop-up also applies when customers are making payments to Lipa Na M-PESA and representative withdrawals. M-PESA Agents may also take advantage of the solution when funds which are depositing consumer figures.

Get responses for Hakikisha and everything Safaricom.

How to Withdraw Money from M-PESA

If you’re a Registered M-PESA client

Head to an M-PESA Agent and follow the steps below

  • Confirm the agent has funds that are enough for your transaction.
  • Give your phone number and show your original ID.
  • Go to your menu that is m-PESA ‘Withdraw money’.
  • Enter the Agent quantity, the total amount you wish to withdraw and your PIN.
  • You may get a display with all the transaction that is above. Confirm they are correct then press OK.
  • Both you and your agent shall receive an SMS confirming the transaction.

The representative will give you the then cash that you simply should count and request you to sign a Log Book which is a record of M-PESA deals done for the reason that shop.

If You Are a customer that is non-Registered.

The amazing thing is that even if you are not a registered member you can also withdraw money with M-PESA please follow the steps below to make withdrawing as unregister customer

Go to an M-PESA agent and:

  • Confirm the agent has funds that can be adequate for your deal.
  • Present the SMS containing the voucher that is m-PESA (notification confirming receipt of money).
  • Provide your telephone number and show ID that is original.
  • The agent shall enter the ‘one time rule’ that is exhibited regarding the client’s SMS notification.
  • Both the representative therefore the customer shall receive an SMS confirming the deal.
  • The agent shall provide your cash that you should count and request you to definitely signal the Logbook which really is a record of M-PESA transactions done in that store.

M-PESA Statements on E-Mail

Now you can receive Monthly M-PESA statements effortlessly and conveniently.

Simply dial *234# from your phone that is mobile to the menu, Select ‘My M-PESA Information’, then ‘M-PESA Statement’ or Click on M-PESA Statement at the end of the M-PESA website landing page on the Safaricom App.

Select‘Full Statement’ register along with your then National ID or document of the registration number, then enter and confirm your email.

You shall then get a message confirming you have actually registered for the service.

Your M-PESA statement is sent to you via email by the 5th of each and every thirty days.

Therefore wherever you’re accept statements that are m-PESA your convenience.

Please follow this link if you have a question that is not answered in this guide for more detail.

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