How much does opera news hub pay per click in Kenya

How much does the opera news hub pay per click in ghana? opera payment depends on the quality of the content and the length of the content. so it has no fixed rate for its payment but we can guest for it pay per click.

Below is a breakdown of the amount provided by Opera News Hub for clicks for each article published on its platform.

  1. Click 1 click of traffic will earn you a bonus of 0.005KES
  2. 100 click traffic will earn you a bonus of 0.5KES
  3. 1000 click traffic will earn you 0.5KES of bonus
  4. 10,000 click traffic = 5KESbonus
  5. 25,000 click traffic = 2.5 x 5 = 12KES

Remember, since the Opera House is very busy, it is very easy to get more than 10,000 clicks in a few hours.

Also, you’ll get paid to share posts and comments.
Items with more than 100 attachments will qualify for the engagement bonus which is / 1800/100 engagement.

If the engagement bonus on your item is less than this, you will not be eligible for the bonus. However, any content over 100 is eligible.

For example, 3.5 * 1800 = 6300 in engagement bonus with 350 engagement. Available
What are the main features of the payment structure?
What are the main features in the payment structure?

  1. Clicks with reading time of 5 seconds or less will not be counted, as it is an indication of the user’s dissatisfaction. Articles with longer reading time will be paid more.
  2. Once an article reaches a high impression, there will be an extensive 2nd review. If an article is deemed plagiarism, the payment on this article will be reduced significantly.
  3. For accounts with significant rejections, the payment will be reduced. The degree of reduction depends on the degree of rejections.
  4. For accounts which were banned because of policy violation, all outstanding payments will be forfeited.
  5. The average payment per click is floating and depends on the average ads revenue per click for the platform. Keep in mind that covid-19 has a significant impact on advertising spending across the world.

When will Opera pay me?

Payment for stories published in Month A is paid for on/before the 30th of Month B. What this means is, articles published in the month of May will be paid for on or before the 30th of June. Articles published in June will be paid for on or before the 30th of July.

Does Opera pay for video content?

No we don’t. This may be considered in the future but at the moment Opera does not pay for video content.

How can I update my MTN Momo/Bank Account Number?

Kindly go to your Opera News-Hub dashboard and click on Account, then click the Payment method, Update your MTN Momo/Bank account.

Please noted that only MTN Momo and several well-known banks are acceptable.

How to judge the content as high-quality original content

When the core content of the article is consistent with the title; Ensure effective information of the article, the overall logic is smooth, you can see the creator’s expertise, depth, thinking and processing of the information from the writing, articles need to have these qualities to be considered high quality ; Article length can support content richness;

The picture matches the content, the copyright picture needs to be reprinted after obtaining the copyright; We encourage high-quality originals instead of just writing meaningless content.


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