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How to Discover the Elegant Side of Mykonos This Summer

The only sounds audible from the sun-drenched balconies of the Amyth of Mykonos hotel are the gurgling of water from the private pool, the breeze delicately swaying the raffia decorations, and the distant crowing of a rooster.

It is not typically the first thing that comes to mind when considering vacations on the Greek island of Mykonos, which is notorious for its rowdy beach clubs and wild parties.

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However, the island in the Aegean Sea has a refined side that makes for a remarkably tranquil and natural vacation.

Mykonos accommodations: Amyth of Mykonos

If you want to slumber undisturbed and avoid crawling traffic when returning in the evening, you should avoid the old town.

A scattering of houses forming the village of Agios Stefanos is 10 minutes away by car. The oasis of Amyth of Mykonos is located at the summit of a winding, hilly path.

In April of this year, the hotel opened with 17 accommodations. The airy, light-dappled interiors feature leafy plants, earthy tones, and hand-woven straw furniture to create a bohemian desert atmosphere.

The rooms feature a private pool or whirlpool Jacuzzi and are ideally positioned to take advantage of sunset views over the Aegean Sea.

You can relax with a cocktail from the poolside bar amidst the beautiful parasols made of rope that surround the pool. Their inventive concoctions include the High Roller, which contains whisky, peach and apricot liqueur, and French vermouth, and the Citrus Crown, which contains Campari, limoncello, and citrus soda.

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Prepare to dine like a Greek god at the hotel’s Kouzina restaurant, which serves tabbouleh, quinoa, pepper, and pomegranate salad, crispy calamari with sweet jalapeno mayonnaise, and pan-fried seabass with avocado and mango.

In order to prevent buffet food waste, the breakfast is elegantly presented with appetizing floral decorations. Go on the lighter side with Greek yogurt and cherries, or indulge with avocado and poached eggs on toast.

Mykonos restaurants Nikolas Taverna and Nosotros

If you wish to evade a transfer one evening, descend the hill to Nosotros Mykonos on the water’s edge. With a few tables set up on a terrace and a view of the sunset, it is ideal for a casual dinner.

As an appetizer, order the meze dishes, which include warm, fluffy bread, tzatziki, eggplant spread, and spicy Mykonos cheese.

Warm fluffy bread, tzatziki, eggplant spread, and piquant Mykonos cheese comprise the meze plates.

Try the piquant risotto with shrimp, ginger, and citrus or the grilled salmon with soy and chili sauce for the main course.

Book a table at Nikolas Taverna, where you can dine with your toes in the sand, to experience the Greek dining fantasy.

Dine on Mykonian and Greek dishes such as louza cured meat, fried zucchini balls, saganaki fried cheese, shrimp with ouzo and cream, and fresh fried fish as the sun sets over the harbor dotted with sailboats.

Alemagou is the best shore club in Mykonos.

Mykonos is replete with beach clubs that blast loud music, but if you want true relaxation and sophistication, travel to Alemagou near Paralia Ftelias Bay.

The beach club has a bohemian atmosphere with a few loungers scattered on the sand and an open-air restaurant and bar with rope canopies.

Evenings feature mellow, soulful DJ performances accompanied by grilled calamari, smoked eel, and steamed mussels.



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