How To Make Money On Opera News Hub In Nigeria (2021)

How to make money on the Opéra News Hub in Nigeria (2021) Have you ever thought about making money online but do not know what way to go, what to do or how to start? If so, let’s look at how to make money on the Opera News hub. Therefore, writing for press agencies like the opera is also good. And I want to show you how to go there.

First, before you proceed,

Click here to open the Opera News Hub on your computer or phone browser

The website will open on a separate page!

Having finished doing that, return to this page and follow this step by step on how to start publishing large items and earn money with the Opera News Hub.

In case you do not know, Opera News is the best platform to make money online as an author in Nigeria.

There are other things you need to know and it’s the essence of this post. Just take your time to continue.

do you remember the opera browser? The opera browser is different from the News Hub opera. But because they are created by the same company, the software of the opera are both interconnected.

As a result of this information, information about the opera of all other mobile opera and mobile applications such as Opera Mobile, Opera Mini and Opera Touch.

This means that whatever the content you publish on Opera News, tends to gain a global exhibition. There are other benefits that you can get to join Opera News Hub as an author or publisher. If you are a blogger, the publication on the news hub can give you backlink and traffic opportunities.

If you want to know how to start a blog, use our step-by-step step to start a blog and earn money in Nigeria.

As most people like to share great content, your audience will certainly share your social media content if it is informative. And possibly, a person could come back to your blog for reference. If all this is important to you, then what are you waiting for?

You need this guideline.

We will examine how to use the Opera News hub to make money in Nigeria or another part of the world. This position will show you how you can compensate for up to $ 200 (80,000,000) per week to publish your content on the Web Opera News. You may wonder why I have to let the cat out.

Yes, I need money like anyone.

And that will not come from the sky but my business. In fact, nothing is hidden to make money with the Opera News Hub. If you have not heard about it before, the weather is now or never. Honestly, keeping the opportunity for me not to make my own income either.

Maybe this message should have cost money before discovering what I’m going to show you. But that will not be necessary. This is not the first online business opportunity I would talk about.

You will find several other companies on this website if you read our previous guide on how to start online activities in Nigeria.

Many people have already started earning money on Opera News Hub. So, if I did not share this opportunity with you, someone else would do.

Since the subject is within the reach of our training at the Pilum Digital Institute (IDP), it is a great pleasure for me to show you how to make money on the Opera News hub.

If you use this directive and start making money with the News Hub Opera, does your source of income decrease?

How To Make Money On Opera News Hub In Nigeria (2021)

No! So, without wasting as much of your time, let’s look at what the Opera News Hub is and how does it work for publishers like you?

What is the opera hub and how does it work?

Before we explain how to make money on the Opera News Hub, it is better that you know what Opera News is, how it started and what it is used?

This will give you a glimpse of the earing system.

Opera News is a news hub where interesting news, posts and informative stories are shared online.

The platform can be used by writers, bloggers and influencers very dedicated to share their thoughts and make cool money online.

The content platform makes room for writers to write, publish and share original content online with users of more than 350 million opera in the world. opera blogs

According to Appenna, Opera News is the most widely used news application in Nigeria and the most downloaded news application with more than 20 million users around the world.

Most people use the Opera Browser from the Global Mobile Communication Technology (GSM) boom in Nigeria around 2004 or about.

In one way or another, the browser can be used to browse the web without data. And so far, Opera attracts new users and encourages existing users with free navigation.

I remember the way we used to browse with Opera Mini on Java activated mobile phones without data subscription.

After adding some sort of code to your phone, especially in the browser, you can browse without buying data on the Internet for months.

Gradually, the trick has stopped as network providers have begun to improve their services.

So, do not be surprised to know that you can make money when you publish an article on the opera hub.

You can download the application on your computer or smartphone, provided that your device supports one of the following operating systems:

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux
  • Andriod

The news hub did not start now. There has been the existence since November 2019 as a way to complete the amusing opera.

Of course, you know what is the content platform.

So, let’s see how it opera news hub works?

Making money with opera news is not difficult as it seems like it seems. You only need to understand some basic things.

To go regularly on the platform, you must find an interesting post.

An interesting job is not just a story but something very unique and committed.

Your article can be in the form of news or reviews or what happenings around you or educational article or post that people would always want to read and share.

For example;

You can write about an accident that happened in your area and indicate how it happened after making your own investigation.

That is, you can write and publish the necessary precautions to avoid road accidents, which is a very relevant topic.

This type of history can go viral because it is useful for everyone.

In doing so, your message will generate revenue for you on the Opera News Hub.

How to make money on the Opéra News Hub

Your income or earnings on the Opera News Hub depends solely on the commitments.

The truth is the quality of your message will attract commitments and commitments will result in money.

The types of activities that occur on each post you publish on the platform determine the amount you earn.

That is, other users engage with your messages, the more you gain money.

Meanwhile, to make money on Opera News Hub, your content must earn enough views, likes, comments and actions.

The publication regularly will not do it but publishes excellent content.

Since you cannot go after users and constrain them to read your messages, the best you can do is make sure your content is convincing.

Note: There are high strategies for writing engaging content. Your “A” level test writing techniques will only no one want to read and engage with your message, this 13-point checklist will help you write killer content on the Opera News Hub.

The platform is not where you can simply throw your post or articles and expect that money comes.

After publishing an article, you must follow your work and ensure enough people find and read it.

In other words, you can adopt the following strategies to make money with Opera News Hub:

  1. Write viral content: viral content is shared content. They are a kind of posts that go virals on social media. Why? Because they are found to be original, relevant, informative, educational and critical. When a user between an interesting job and wants his friends and family to learn one thing or the other from the pole, he heard it. Following this trend, others will also share and share.
  2. Do not write less than 150 words per message: the volume of your post or article is not what matters, but its authority. Make sure what you are writing is rich so that readers like it. Then try writing above 150 words to treat as many relevant points as possible.
  3. Commitment: Whenever you write, find a way to engage your drives. In fact, you can even encourage readers to love, share and comment on your message before leaving the page.

The point of view of Opera News does not pay your articles, but the commitments or the number of times someone reads, shares and click on your messages on the hub.

Meanwhile, you must read all this article in the last end and plan.

You may need to spend 12 to 48 hours at your stay per week for work.

The platform has a monthly gain system in which payment is made to all users based on their performance at all 1st and 15 of each month.

You can have it on the back of your mind that those who have set up the platform to create opportunities for people are not philanthropists.

They are a set of entrepreneurs with goals.

This means being paid; your articles must meet their requirements. Many people are great writers but sometimes have challenges with what to write – ideas do not just come.

If you are in this circumstance, read how to find big topics or ideas for writing for you to be stuck halfway!

But if you cannot write viral content or if you do not have time to promote your positions and stimulate user engagement rates, do not discourage you.

If all the requirements are too much for you, there is a way out.

You can engage an independent writer who can do the job for you and pay as low as 1000 per article.

Need a writer?

Look for writers in blog groups and writing you know about Facebook.

In less than 24 hours, you will certainly get more than enough people who will show interests.

But yet, it does not mean that conditions must be neglected.

By “cutting and paste”, many independent writers will fly and give you the work of others.

If you do not crush what you gave, you will simply see your money, because the opera will not pay for a stolen item.

If you are able to publish and promote an interesting story about the platform and earn ₦6,000 you can always record revenue of ₦5,000 at the end of the month.

It’s just an approximate estimate, however.

You can do more than ₦200,000 per month because everything depends on your performance.

What are the steps to make money on the Opéra News Hub?

We talked about cleaning the Opera News Hub and how you can really make money on it.

Now you need to know the steps involved before you can join the platform.

Everything starts with the creation of an account and you will learn to know it because we go further.

Thus, the following steps are needed to be part of the opera hub and start making money:

Step 1: Create an account

Before you can benefit from this program, you must have an account on the hub.

Click here to go to the Opera News Hub website and create your account.

Once you land on the home page of the website, you will see a red button ‘Login / Sign Up’.

You must click on it.

On the next page, you will be asked to Login with your Facebook or Google (Gmail) account. You can use one of them, but simply make sure your password is ready.

Thus, for the purpose of this guide, let try and use Google (Gmail).

Click Continue with Google and do all the following only the normal steps you are taking to log in to your Gmail account.

Once connected via Google, the next page is to confirm your login information and save your details on Opera News.

Thus, these three steps below must be observed:

  1. Confirmation of Login account
  2. Account Information
  3. Information about the author

Step 2: Confirm the login account

What you need to confirm here includes your login account

  • Photo
  • Username
  • The country

If you log in with the account details you registered with, it is not possible for your login account information to be wrong.

But in case something is wrong, everything you have to do is click on Use another account.

Otherwise, click Confirm to go to the third step.

Step 3: Add account information

Account information must be met, as the case may be.

This includes your news from the Opera:

  • Username
  • Category You want to focus on (politics, public safety, entertainment, sports, lifestyle, relationship and parenting, etc.)
  • Your profile picture
  • Your Biography

You do not need to complicate things for yourself.

Just use a simple username, select an interesting category for your publications on Opera News hub, upload a very nice photo and compare by writing your biography.

Step 4: Add authoring information

Just take your time to fill out the form with your personal information. The information to be provided here are what you will use to claim your payment.

Your reference code is donnadjer

If what you provide is incorrect, you may not be able to remove your money.

Note: Your OPAY number is the phone number you used to open your OPAY account. This will be used to remove you’re earning from your account. It will be much later on how to open and connect your work account to Opera News.

For this reason, make sure all the information you enter is correct.

Once the form is completed and the submission is confirmed, you will automatically be redirected to your dashboard.

Know that your new account can take a few minutes before being activated.

The reason is that each new account is examined by the company before it is fully active.


Step 5: Open your OPAY account

If you have not created your OPAY account earlier, the following steps will guide you on how to do it successfully.

Steps to create an OPAY account:

  • Go to Google Playstore to download the OPAY application.
  • Sign up with your valid phone number without the first “0”.
  • Check your account with the code sent to your phone number.
  • Log in with your password.
  • Add your personal information as in your identity card.
  • Configure a PIN code.
  • Go to your email and check your e-mail address.

Step 6: Link your OPAY account to Opera News Hub

While the opera holds the rights to approve your account and decide which of your articles will live, it is your duty to connect your Opay account to the Hub so that you can start monitoring your winnings in real-time.

At this point, connect your OPAY account to Opera News should not be a problem.

Go to your Hub Opera News dashboard and follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your opera hub, click Account and scroll until you can see the contact information.
  2. Click Opay Account and a page entitled Update your OPAY account will appear.
  3. Add your OPAY number for example. (08013345678) has the shape and click Update.

Then you finished!

You have connected your OPAY account to your Opera News hub.

Thus, you can continue to publish important items and make money on the move. When it’s time to remove your earnings, go to your OPAY account. It’s simple.

Step 7: Create your first post

Once your account has been fully activated, start businesses.

To create your first News opera station, you must launch your dashboard (as shown below), and then click Create.

On the main board page, you will see the article. Under the article, where you will start writing your message.

Before you begin composing your first post, there are important tools in the dashboard, which you need to know their functions.

One numbered as “2” is where you will place the title of your article and the one numbered “3”, is where you will add the body of your content.

  1. Click Add Title to enter your post title.
  2. Click the text box (3) to start writing your message.
  3. You can also use the H2 in the body of your message to add subtitles to the post.

When you have finished with the content, scroll through your message to finalize your message.

Complete all tasks as found in the image above before publishing your message.

That’s all you have to do to create your opera station.

How do the Opera News Hub pay authors?

Here is the analysis of how Hub Opera News Country authors for the publication of their content on the platform.

If an article is clicked once an article generates a traffic bonus of 0.036 for the author.


  • 100 clicks = ₦ 3.6
  • 1,000 clicks = ₦ 36
  • 10,000 clicks = ₦ 360
  • 25,000 clicks = 2.5 x 360 = 900

This is the basic salary.

An article that obtains 100 commitments and above is automatically eligible for a 1,800 ₦ 1,800 bonus.

For example;

250 commitments will obtain 2.5 * 1800 = ₦ 4,500.

As much as you press CLIC clicks, commitments can be used for the high bank.

If you need to know more about the payment analysis, click on the payment policy of the Opera News Hub to know it.

Shared feelings

Although there are mixed feelings about the procedures for payment of the Opera Hub.

Many people are wondering if the platform really pays its publishers.

If so, how much does it pay?

Some people believe that the payment rate for writing for the Opera News Hub is not worth the stress that should be passed before you can win.

But this thought was removed as excellent Ernest, Samuel Adejorin and Goodluck A Isaac argued that the hub is sure the banker!

According to Goodluck A Isaac, you can make money on the Opera News Hub if you have good content and the ability to share your message after submission and approval and that the message is gaining a lot of readers’ comments.

Goodluck is not an opera publisher News. But from his analysis, he shows that he knows how the platform works for content creators.

There is a point that I mentioned that I want you to do. He added that it is possible to earn more if you have a Facebook group where you can share the content you create on Opera News.

This does not necessarily mean that the Facebook group, but where you can share your news content and get people by opening the link and read your message.

This can pick you up a lot of money, let’s say ₦ 100,000 or more.

How to approve your message instantly

It should be noted that all contents that are not subject to Opera News Hub will go live. Some are rejected or completely prohibited from the platform if they have been judged against the conditions of use of the service.

So, if you want your message to be published instantly, you must make sure you do not get involved in any of the following:

copyright Violation

The news from the opera frowns at plagiarism.

If you want to make money on the Opéra News Hub, you cannot fly the intellectual property of other people and think you will gain money with it.

All your content must be original as much as possible. While you do your research, avoid doing “cut and paste”.

Always study your sources very well to develop your own ideas.

Avoid ClickBait titles

In blogging, we are all used to feed words and emotional terms that can add a positive or negative feeling to our title.

All these are supposed to be clickbait.

But unfortunately, Opera News does not want the authors to use clickbait from any form in the post title. If found in your title, it can result in a discharge of your message or delay.

So, if you do not want it to happen to you, try to avoid the following terms of your title whenever you create an article on the Opera News Hub:

  1. Amazing
  2. Surefire
  3. Spirit blowing
  4. Change of life
  5. Decrease of the jaw
  6. Shocking
  7. Surprise
  8. Must look at
  9. The crowd goes wild
  10. OMG

How to view my earnings on Opera News

Your winnings are automatically recorded on your account when people engage with your messages.

So, do not be afraid your efforts fall into the drain.

If you want to see how much you have won so far with your message, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Open your dashboard
  3. Click on the monetization

When you click on the monetization on the dashboard, a page containing the clicks numbers and the amount of money you have won will be open.

And you will see it for yourself.

How to withdraw my income on the opera news hub

Your earnings on the Opera News Hub must have reached the minimum of 5,000 thresholds before they can make a withdrawal.

At any time, you do up to ₦ 5000, you are free to withdraw your money.

On your dashboard account, you will find withdrawal.

Log in with your Facebook account or Google and press the button.

If you do not forget, we said earlier that the withdrawals on the opera hub can only be carried out on the 1st or the 15th of each month.

So, at any time, you want to withdraw your income, make sure it is these days specified.

But note that your bank plays a factor in this regard.

You may receive payment on your OPAY account and experience delaying money, depending on your bank.

But in normal circumstances, your OPAY account will be credited in less than 24 hours of withdrawal.

Some banks take a week or less to complete the transaction.

Just be patient with them.


In our discussion so far on how to make money on the Opéra News Hub, I want to convince you that you have learned a new business that you can do to make money online.

Making money on Opera News is a legitimate business. In fact, the platform has generated job opportunities for millions of Nigerians.

You also can register on the platform and start making money with your writing skills.

It does not matter whether you are currently employed or not. The company can serve as a side scramble for you.

All this requires succeeding as an author on the Opéra News Hub is diligence and good writing skill. All of this can be developed by anyone.

The more you write, the better you become.

I believe, if you continue to write, regardless of the gravity of your writing at first, you can improve in no time and start making money on the platform.

What matters most is the content you create for yourself … So no compromise!


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