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How Y Combinator’s sole health care partner wagers on startup companies

This article is the first in a series featuring influential figures and decision-makers in health technology.

THE CITY OF SAN FRANCISCO— For Surbhi Sarna, the only healthcare partner at Y Combinator, opening her inbox in the morning is comparable to imbibing from a firehose. There are scores of companies seeking to profit from the momentum surrounding large language models.

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Biotechnology students who have not yet graduated are already proposing new ventures based on their classroom research. There is the team that planned to reverse global warming by transporting bison around the world via Boeing.

Every young tech company seems to be vying for a coveted spot in the Silicon Valley accelerator, which has made a reputation for itself by transforming ideas such as grocery delivery and lodging outside of hotels into multi-billion-dollar businesses such as Instacart and Airbnb.

Entrepreneurs focused on health technology or science must pique Sarna’s interest prior to securing this position, which is akin to a rite of passage for new companies.

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