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In 25 days, Christie’s campaign raised $1.65 million to end the second quarter.

In the second quarter, which includes the former governor of New Jersey’s first 25 days of the 2024 campaign, Chris Christie’s presidential campaign will report raising $1.65 million.

With $1.59 million in cash on hand, the campaign is debt-free. Additionally, it boasts support from over 40,000 donors in all 50 states to far. Christie’s 2016 campaign drew 16,000 contributions throughout the course of the whole campaign, according to sources familiar with it.

According to strategist Maria Comella, “in just 25 days, the Christie campaign is laying a strong foundation with modest donors, business titans, and well-known figures in the Republican Party.”

The super PAC affiliated with Christie, Tell It Like It Is PAC, also reported that between the former governor’s declaration of his campaign on June 6 and the end of the second quarter on June 30, it had raised about $5.9 million.

This is just the beginning, and we’re optimistic that when the governor’s message of leading the Republican Party forward gains traction, our donor base will expand, said Bill Palatucci, chairman of the super PAC.

The Christie campaign also touted a number of significant contributors who have already made contributions, including three — former Mississippi governor Haley Barbour and Republican benefactors Kelly and Joe Craft — who have previously supported former vice president Mike Pence.

Other contributors to Christie’s campaign include former RNC chair Ken Mehlman, investor and former Trump White House spokesman Anthony Scaramucci, Country First PAC (the political action committee for former GOP Rep.

Adam Kinzinger), KKR chairman Henry Kravis, former GOP Rep. Tom MacArthur, and steadfast GOP donors Bobbie and Bill Kilberg.



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