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Insecurity: The Kwara PDP expresses concern over the influx of foreigners

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) of Kwara State has issued a warning regarding the migration of foreign nationals into the state.

The party alleged that the foreign nationals engage in, among other activities, beggary, commercial motorcycle operations, vegetable cultivation, and sales.

“Residents of Ilorin and other main cities in Kwara State have observed the massive influx of foreign nationals with trepidation.

“We have witnessed a variety of peculiar people engaging in beggary, commercial motorcycle (Okada) riding, vegetable cultivation, vegetable sales, and scavenging.

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Prince Tunji Moronfoye, the spokesman for the PDP in Ilorin, said in a statement, “Okada riders in Ilorin are now more or less incognito; they wear various designs, colors, and identification numbers of their choosing, some Okada riders don’t even bother with uniforms, and others cover their faces so that they cannot be identified.”

The party observed that the majority of foreign nationals do not speak or comprehend Hausa, the lingua franca of most Northern Nigerian states.

The PDP urged Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq to register and regulate these individuals in collaboration with the Nigerian Immigration Service.

It stated, “Due to the current security situation and the escalation of aggressive messages from the Republic of Niger to Nigeria, we must be security conscious in Kwara State.” In recent years, there has been an increase in kidnappings and murders in Kwara State.

“We also “understand” Mal. Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq’s reluctance to conduct the registration prior to the 2023 general elections. His alleged reluctance was based on a desire to avoid upsetting a significant segment/block of electors.

“Now that the elections have concluded and he appears to have “won” re-election, we must all consider our welfare and safety,” the spokesman added.




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