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Jennifer Fisher the queen of hoop demonstrates that it is possible to do it all

Jennifer Fisher, who has been in the jewellery business for 17 years after a successful career as a television wardrobe stylist, has no immediate intentions to stop.

New York’s favourite jewellery designer—also known as the Queen of Hoops—is not only accelerating the growth of her namesake company but is also proving that you can do it all: her side business, a line of healthy, delicious salts that can be sprinkled on just about anything, has grown rapidly since its launch in 2017 and has just launched new packaging that is more convenient for a busy lifestyle that involves travelling.

Attending our coffee meeting at the Berkeley Hotel in London, Fisher is dressed impeccably in black with her signature gold hoops and stacked JF jewellery, perfect natural lashes that frame her eyes (more on that later), and towering chunky heels that have recently become her fashion signature.

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Is that flat?” After a brief exchange of pleasantries, Fisher immediately inquired about my order of bottled water. I recently discovered that the acidity and bubbles in sparkling water could worsen inflammation and cause IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) flare-ups on Fisher’s other Instagram account—her lesser-known but equally popular and highly engaging page dedicated to food and wellness:

“I have been gluten-free and low-sugar for almost 20 years,” says Fisher, who has always been forthright and open about her life and changed her eating patterns in response to her own health struggles. In her 30s, the founder/designer was diagnosed with a desmoid tumour—a rare noncancerous growth in connective tissue—in her thorax and later discovered she also has Hashimoto’s disease (an autoimmune or thyroid disorder). Now, Fisher shares recipes made with pure ingredients and educates her audience about the anti-inflammatory lifestyle via social media.

Fisher’s design philosophy embraces the everyday wearability of hoop earrings and the individuality of customizable charm necklaces. Fisher’s daily quest for the ideal condiment to sprinkle on her salads and avocados inspired the Jennifer Fisher Salt collection. Fisher, who chose cooking as her form of therapy, would combine salt with lemon peels, olives, herbs, and seasonings to create her own blend of a flavorful yet clean condiment for her healthy meals.

“It was like the simplest thing,” Fisher says of the salts, “but I looked in every store and couldn’t find it; nothing similar existed. “I continue to doubt their existence. There are numerous seasonings, but they all contain chemicals. Do you see? Anti-caking agents and similar substances.”

Fisher grew up in California, where her father would regularly send her citrus and avocados from his own trees. As a result, I would always grate the lemon peels so as not to squander them.

Fisher created her own blend by combining these fresh ingredients with clean salt, seasonings, and herbs. She did not realize she had discovered another popular product until she decided to send the blend as a holiday gift to fashion editors.

“Everyone enjoyed it. Even editors sent me handwritten notes inquiring what it is.” Fisher, who never misses an opportunity, says it did not take long for the first run of Jennifer Fisher Salt to hit the market.

It was fairly quick. Once we sent the information to the editors, they all wanted to write about it immediately. I have videos of me wearing a hairnet while mixing the salts at the factory while I was personally blending everything.” Fisher explains that the lemon in the Universal Salt comes from fresh lemon skin, “the bright yellow part that has been peeled and dried,” as opposed to the white spongey pieces found in most other spice mixes.

Fisher states that her father, who passed away in 2022, has always been a major source of inspiration in her life and has also influenced her next salt product. “We did a dry marinade; it’s coming out because my dad barbecued all the time,” continues Fisher.

I also want to do salad dressings. It kills me to see people preparing gorgeous chopped salads with a refrigerated salad dressing that they believe to be fresh but is actually full of bad oils.” Fisher has been vocal on her social media page regarding the toxicity of seed oil and has recommended extra virgin olive oil, avocado oil, and coconut oil as alternatives.

Fisher appears to have boundless vitality. Even during the pandemic, the founder laboured on perfume and launched her CB2 collection, which has since become their most successful collaboration to date. What is her mystery?

“I enjoy being constantly busy,” says Fisher, before mentioning gratitude. “Every day that I’m here, I’m extremely appreciative, and I remind myself how fortunate we are to have this brand. I’ve laboured very hard to establish this brand.

Fisher’s business is currently self-funded with no outside investors, and she reveals she is beginning to raise capital because the timing is ideal for Jennifer Fisher’s brand to rapidly expand: “I desired to bring up my children. I wanted to be at home.

I wanted to be more adaptable. And now that my son will be attending college and my daughter will be a sophomore in high school, I will be done. Therefore, I am gaining momentum now.”

As a devotee of her efforts to share her health regimen with the world and her “do what works for you” approach to daily living, I ask Fisher if she has future expansion plans in the health and wellness industry.

And the answer is an emphatic no. “I don’t really want to be that. I enjoy being a jewellery designer who enjoys doing all of these things in the wellness arena to make us all feel better. But I have no intention of becoming the next expert in this field.”

However, with her unwavering focus on the jewellery line and global expansion via physical stores, the business mogul still has a few upcoming launches that may stimulate many non-fashion followers. “Yes, I have a cookbook literary representative. So we must complete the proposal, and then we’ll see.

Fisher discloses, “But it’s not simply a cookbook; I want it to resemble a hip fashion book. And I wanted to have all of my lists—iit will include every dried spice unit, every product you should have in your pantry, and every culinary item you need to cook the way I do, including all the brands—sso you can see that it’s not complicated. It’s very elementary.”

I take this as my cue to inquire about what she uses to chop her vegetables. “I do it all by myself; chopping is like my cathartic therapy,” Fisher chuckles, adding that she’s also developing a lash line that will facilitate the application of the most flattering lashes for daily use. I’m disappointed I didn’t get an insider ip on a machine that chops salads to perfection, but I’ll definitely stay tuned for the lashes.



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