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Kim Jong Un Meets Putin in Russia, Vows “Unconditional Support”

Going to begin of course with the breaking news overnight which could have a major impact on the war in Ukraine Russian President Vladimir Putin met with North Korea’s Kim Jong-un amid speculation that Kim could sell Moscow weapons and ammunition to use against the Ukrainians and Tia’s tail is in Ukraine with more on this including a new missile test by North Korea MTS good morning to you this is all very unsettling very unsettling indeed Gail good morning to you well these missiles launched by North Korea landed near its eastern Seas

according to the South Korean military, this is a real active Defiance that has set the tone for this highly controversial and closely scrutinized Summit yeah it was the warmest of greetings between Kim Jong-un and Vladimir Putin since the dark days of the Cold War North Korea and Russia have maintained close ties but this morning’s one-on-one at the vostochny cosmodrome signals a new era for the leaders of the isolated Nations Russia is waging a sacred fight to defend its sovereignty Kim said we will

always stand with Russia Putin is in dire need of support 18 months into his unprovoked war in Ukraine Moscow’s ammunition supplies are running out fast and North Korea has a vast stockpile of Soviet compatible Munitions the Kremlin is desperate to buy for Kim the location of the summit at the cosmodrome is a signal of what he wants which is cooperation on his country’s spy satellite Space Program when asked by reporters whether Russia would help North Korea launch its own satellites and Rockets Putin responded

by saying that’s exactly why we came here the White House has warned North Korea that if it sells arms to Russia it would violate multiple U.N Security Council resolutions but neither leader who is already under crippling sanctions seem to care when signing the guestbook inside the Space Center Kim wrote in Korean script the glory of Russia which gave birth to the first conquerors of space will be immortal now whatever is eventually agreed between Kim and Russia military analyst says it’s not likely to change the

overall trajectory of the war here in Ukraine but it will isolate these two already extremely volatile countries even further Tony MTS Time For Us in Ukraine MTS thank you very much

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