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Kindergarten teacher sentenced to death for poisoning 25 pupils

In China, a female kindergarten teacher was punished for contaminating the porridge of 25 kids and poisoning them, killing one of them in the process.

Four years ago, Wang Yun, 39, poisoned young pupils at the Mengmeng Pre-school Education in Jiaozuo. She was apprehended and eventually given a death sentence.

According to the local authorities, Wang allegedly added sodium nitrite to her coworker’s students’ breakfast “as payback for an argument with the coworker.”

The instructor attempted to overturn the Jiaozuo City Intermediate People’s Court’s decision to execute her in September 2020, but her appeal was denied.

According to a court announcement, Wang was executed on Thursday, July 14, 2023, after the same court confirmed her identity, brought her to the execution site, and carried out the death sentence.

According to the Jiaozuo court at the time of her detention, Wang bought the sodium nitrite in March 2019 after quarrelling with her colleague, surnamed Sun, over “student management issues.”

The chemical ingredient, which is frequently used as a food preservative but can be hazardous and potentially fatal from overexposure, was added the following morning to the kids’ “eight treasures porridge,” the court ruled, according to official media.

In China, a rice-based porridge with a sweet flavor is known as “eight treasures porridge.”

23 kids were said to have started throwing up and dizzy after having breakfast at the time. On March 27, 2019, Wang was charged of poisoning the students, and the police opened an investigation.

In the aftermath of the scandal that horrified China and made headlines across the world, authorities discovered that a total of 25 kids had been poisoned.

When this happened, parents sent their kids to Jiaozuo No. 2 People’s Hospital, where they all received emergency medical care and had their stomachs pumped.

During that time, one father who went by the name of Li told reporters that he received a call from the principal informing him that his four-year-old daughter had felt sick after breakfast.



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