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Lance Stroll leads a race that you do not want to win.

Aston Martin had a difficult weekend at the British Grand Prix. Now, one of their drivers has won a race that no driver desires to win.

On Sunday, late in the British Grand Prix, Lance Stroll and Pierre Gasly were engaged in a duel for 11th place. At one point, Stroll veered wide and off the course, but he rejoined ahead of the Alpine driver.

Despite the fact that Gasly radioed his crew to inform them of the violation, race officials determined that no further action was necessary.

Gasly told the media following the race, “It has always been in the regulations, so it was quite clear to me.” “Leaving the course and gaining an advantage is impossible. From what I’ve seen, he passed me with four wheels off the track, which is gaining an advantage.”

In the final phases of the race, the two continued to engage in combat and eventually collided. The collision damaged Gasly’s A523, requiring the Alpine driver to withdraw from the race.

This time, race officials penalized Stroll. Using “video and in-car video evidence,” the stewards penalized the Aston Martin driver with a five-second time penalty and two penalty points for “causing a collision” during the race.

This increases Stroll’s total penalty points to seven and places him in first place on the grid.

F1 employs a penalty point system to regulate driver conduct. This is comparable to a standard driver’s license in many respects.

Race officials can add points for reckless driving, such as causing a collision, to a driver’s “Super License.” A driver is subject to a one-race suspension if they accumulate 12 points in a calendar year.

Stroll now has seven points on his FIA Super License: two for this collision with Gasly, two for a collision with Fernando Alonso—this current teammate—dating back to the 2016 United States Grand Prix, and three for a hazardous maneuver during the Sprint race at the 2016 Brazilian Grand Prix.

The next points that will expire for Stroll are the two from last year’s United States Grand Prix, which will expire in October. If Stroll accumulated five more penalty points before then, he would be disqualified from one race.

Intriguingly, the driver with the most penalty points at the beginning of the season, whom Stroll just passed on the “bad driver list,” Gasly.

The Alpine driver entered the 2023 season with ten penalty points and was in danger of a one-race suspension until May of this year when two points for causing a collision at the 2022 Spanish Grand Prix were scheduled to expire.

Gasly is granted several reprieves along the way. The cancellation of the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix removed a potential race from the schedule, and despite being summoned to the stewards’ trailer following a late-race collision with teammate Esteban Ocon at the conclusion of the Australian Grand Prix, officials determined that the collision was a “first-lap incident” and did not impose any penalties.

The two points Gasly received for the incident in Barcelona last year expired in May, reducing his total to eight. Then, on Monday following the British Grand Prix, three more points were deducted from his Super License: two for causing an accident at the 2022 Austrian Grand Prix and one for exceeding track limits at the 2021 Austrian Grand Prix.

Now Gasly has five points, while Stroll leads with seven.

A pass that the driver of the Aston Martin did not wish to execute.



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