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Lisa Lopes from Cape Verde deletes her tweet after Ghanaians ridicule her because the caption translates to “My Fart Smells.”

Lisa Lopes, a Cape Verdean singer-songwriter, innocently tweeted a photo of herself with the Papiamento phrase “Mi ta bon,” which translates to “I am good.”

However, the phrase’s inadvertent translation in Twi, a Ghanaian language, is “My fart smells,” which causes Ghanaians to laugh.

This resulted in a flood of responses and parodies across various online platforms, prompting Lisa to delete the tweet.

A recent remark by Cape Verdean singer/songwriter Lisa Lopes has ignited social media, eliciting a flurry of responses from Ghanaian internet users.

In the tweet, Lopes innocently captioned her photo with “Mi ta bon,” written in her native language, Papiamento.

However, the phrase’s inadvertent translation into Twi, a Ghanaian language, has amused Ghanaians greatly.

Lisa Lopes had no idea that “Mi ta bon” in Twi actually means “My fart smells.” This hilarious translation error has caused Ghanaians to burst into fits of hilarity, resulting in a deluge of responses and memes flooding online platforms.

While the tweet was intended to convey a positive message in Papiamento, which Google Translate translates as “I’m fine,” the unintended twist caused her to delete the tweet in anger.

A video of a Ghanaian woman drinking broth with a straw causes amusement among the general public.

People began wagging their tongues after a video of a young Ghanaian woman dining in a restaurant in Ghana went viral.

In a TikTok video, the young woman can be seen consuming fufu with her right hand while drinking soup with her left.

The Canadian nurse’s Twi accent causes amusement as she recalls her cousin’s nuptials.

In other news, Manassa, a Canadian nurse of Ghanaian ancestry, describes what transpired during her cousin’s traditional ceremony in Ghana last year.

As a result of her endeavors to include Twi in her TikTok videos, the vivacious healthcare worker achieved online fame.



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