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In which ways have your rhythms changed?

I turn off my phone. That never used to happen. I have lunch with my daughters every day. I try to make everything a little magical for them. We turn even little things like taking the garbage out to a garbage truck into an adventure. But I’ve also been working, running a company and trying to keep my life together. It’s tiring, I’m not going to lie.

Tell me about one of your recent events.

We came up with Pump to the Polls, a virtual ball to benefit Destination Tomorrow, an L.G.B.T.Q. center in the Bronx. We were very much trying to activate the gay and trans community in New York, to get them and others to go out and vote. For one of the segments honoring Kamala Harris, the contestants were asked to do a couture runway competition. Marc Jacobs judged.

Have there been bumps in your planning?

For CORE, the Haitian Relief Organization that Sean Penn co-chairs, we started on April 1, and it took until the second week of September to finish. Most of the participants were in California. On the day we started shooting, the fires broke out. We lost power. People couldn’t get to their houses. Everyone was late. It was a logistical challenge, like bringing together the cast of “Gone With the Wind.” But that event, a reading from “Fast Times at Ridgemont High,” went viral. It was billed as a reunion between Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt.

Have your virtual galas veered in other ways?

We made new rules. No event can be more than 30 minutes long. If the camera is going to be on the guests, they have to dress up. We try to keep things interactive. For City Harvest, we had a virtual poker tournament. People had to turn up in a chic James Bond look.

You’ve been mostly sequestered during this time. What do you miss?

As a gay guy who grew up in New York, I miss the fun, the camaraderie, of being on a dance floor. Right now, the only place I can do that is in my living room with my daughters. They’re my dance partners. I pick up the younger one and twirl her. The older one loves Shakira. She’s got her own moves.

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