Thursday, September 28, 2023
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Mike Pence’s head is obliterated by a girl dressed as Cy Young using a water balloon.

Our future is in our children.

It all seems reasonable. There are a lot of balloons being tossed into the street, so it seems like this march, parade, or whatever was meant to be a water event.

Simply enough, I don’t believe Mike Pence anticipated getting hit in the dome by such a fastball.

Seriously, it takes a lot of expertise to do this. It’s surprisingly challenging to throw a water balloon accurately AND with this much force at the same time.

If you hold it too firmly, it will pop out of your hand; if you hold it loosely, you will lose all momentum. She completely nailed this throw, which was far from easy.

She could tell that the folks in her immediate area supported it. A man can be heard saying “go,” apparently assisting her in aligning the shot, before joyously shouting, “YOU GOT HIM IN THE HEAD!”

What a real champion. MLB, keep an eye on her because you never know when a deal for the future might come along.



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