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Ministerial nominee Bosun Tijani apologizes for past remarks and defends his nomination on the basis of merit.

Bosun Tijani, a ministerial nominee, has apologized for past remarks attributed to him. In defending his nomination by President Bola Tinubu, he stated, “I have no father or mother.” I lack a political mentor as well. I appreciate being nominated based on my accomplishments and merit.”

On Saturday, he apologized in front of the Nigerian Senate, where he was questioned about his previous remarks.

In response to a query posed by Senator Abdulfatai Buhari, who represents the Oyo North Senatorial District, Bosun explained the context of some of his tweets.

The expert in information and communication technology described how he felt humiliated by the way Chinese Embassy officials treated him because he held a Nigerian passport.

He also described how he had to intervene on behalf of numerous young Nigerians who were arrested for transporting a laptop.

“I am a loyal Nigerian.” I have a great deal of faith in this country, and I will not do anything to undermine its integrity.

“The comments online in no way represent me. As a young man raised by Yoruba parents, I sincerely apologize. I apologize profusely,” he implored.

“My commitment to His Excellency, Mr. President, and to you, Distinguished Senators, and indeed to all Nigerians, is to give my best with the same passion and conviction that I have demonstrated throughout my entire life in order to achieve the President’s economic and prosperity agenda,” he added.

Senator Ishaku Abbo, who represents Adamawa North Senatorial District, defended Tijani, stating that the nominee possessed the ability to deliver.

Senator Solomon Adeola of the Ogun West Senatorial District defended the nominee from his state, arguing that his “deficiency” should be overlooked.

Adeola added that Tijani has what it takes to use his talents to advance the IT industry in Nigeria.

Senate President Godswill Akpabio accepted the nominee’s apology and stated, “We are all fathers, and we cannot throw the infant out with the bath water…”On behalf of the Senate, I accept your apology,” said Akpabio.

Akpabio then requested that the nominee take a salute.

Subject to your confirmation, I would like to provide some background on who I am and what I can contribute to Mr. President’s agenda at this time.

President Tinubu’s nomination of Bosun to serve in a “crucial capacity” was appreciated by Bosun.

In presenting his credentials, the nominee stated that he entered public service out of a deep-seated passion “for our great nation and an unwavering commitment to its advancement.”

He stated, “Throughout my tenure, I have had the privilege of witnessing Nigeria’s untapped potential and limitless opportunities firsthand. Nonetheless, I am keenly aware of the challenges that lie ahead, and it is with a sense of purpose and resolve that I stand before you today.

“Academically, I hold a Bachelor of Economics from the University of Jos, a Master of Science in Information Systems and Management from Warwick Business School, and a Doctor of Philosophy in Innovation and Economic Development from the University of Leicester.

“In addition, I have attended a number of executive and professional courses in Innovation, Leadership, and Economic Development at institutions including the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, Stanford University, and the African Leadership Institute.

“I am a Desmond Tutu Leadership Fellow and a Fellow of the Center for Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law at the prestigious Stanford University.

“I am also a Digital Epidemiology-focused Adjunct Researcher at the Nigerian Institute of Medical Research and a Digital Epidemiology-focused Adjunct Researcher at the Wits School of Governance in South Africa.”

Bosun stated that he is committed to promoting the application of knowledge for business and economic growth.

He stated, “In 2010, I returned to Nigeria to co-found Co-Creation Hub as Nigeria’s first technology innovation hub, which has since grown to become Africa’s largest technology hub with physical presences in Kenya, Rwanda, and Namibia, delivering projects and activities to over 17 African countries.

“I am convinced that we must prioritize the function of Technology and Innovation in increasing the level of economic productivity. Multiple sectors, including Education, the Creative Industry, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Agriculture, Transport, and Security, can contribute more to our GDP by leveraging technology.

The IT specialist also expressed willingness to collaborate with Tinubu’s administration and assured the delivery of quality services.

“Many of the prosperous nations we revere rest on a solid foundation of innovation. As a nation, we are endowed with a sizable young population, which is a crucial resource for capitalizing on the opportunities presented by Technology and Innovation in support of Mr. President’s stated objective of creating a prosperous Nigeria for all.

“I look forward to working with all stakeholders across government and the organized private sector to provide intentional support that empowers the best of our young population, so they can continue to contribute to the achievement of the prosperous, inclusive, and peaceful society we all desire,” he said.



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