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Mrs. Met’s posterior is the true Big Apple in New York City.

This week, the greatest All-Star in MLB is Mrs. Met’s dummy thicc butt. Mr. and Mrs. Met’s internal structure is unknown to me.

Is this individual simply sporting a baseball cap? If so, Mrs. Met, congratulations on that glute exercise! Was it the intention of the Mets marketing department to make their mascot more alluring by giving it a Brazilian butt-lift with construction foam?

Do the New York Mets realize the risks of having such a seductive mascot? I don’t believe the world is prepared for the internet to descend like this on Mrs. Met’s juicy rear.

No one has ever had a better butt while donning New Balances. This may also be the key to all of this. These shoes are obviously padded for emphasis, which can be extrapolated to apply to the legs and buttocks. This would lead us to believe that somewhere the Mets decided to give Mrs. Met a huge dump truck bounty.

This may be another sporting enigma for which we have no answers.



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