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Muslims and Isese Adherents Crisis in Ilorin Worsens as Police Arrest Iya Osun

Ilorin is escalating into a battleground between adherents of Islam and African traditional religions (Isese).
Recent occurrences are indicative of the religious animosity that began when an Isese priestess, Yeye Ajesikemi Olokun Omolara Olatunji, was prevented from hosting a planned festival for Isese adherents.

Even though police intervened in the crisis, conferred with Muslims and traditionalists, and petitioned for peace, a significant arrest was reported on Monday, July 31.

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Ilorin, province of Kwara On Monday, July 31, police operatives reportedly detained Madam Efunsetan Abebi Aniwura Olorisha, a prominent member of the Kwara State Association of Traditional Religion, also known as Isese, aggravating the conflict between Muslims and Isese adherents in Ilorin.

According to information from, Sheikh Okutagidi and a number of Muslims from Ilorin filed a complaint that led to the detention of the Isese leader.

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Iya Osun was detained in Ilorin, in the state of Kwara.

Iya Osun claimed that Sheikh Okutagidi requested her spiritual assistance during the birth of one of his children and that she aided him. She claimed that Sheikh Okutagidi had visited her shrine. However, in a video posted on July 30, the Islamic cleric refuted the traditionalist’s claim, stating that he had never encountered her.

Iya Osun’s public accusation against Okutagidi stems from the latter’s hostility toward Isese followers in Ilorin.

On Monday afternoon (July 31)), online allegations surfaced that security agents had apprehended Iya Osun. Both parties have affirmed the development.

Ifa adherent Adeifa Iwalesin posted on his Facebook page:

“Urgent alert: Unlawful arrest of Iya Osun in Ilorin.

“Abọru! Abọye!! Abọṣiṣẹ!!!

“We are deeply concerned to inform you about the distressing incident that has taken place in Ilorin. Iya Osun, a respected member of our IṢẸṢE community, has been unlawfully arrested by a group of Alfas in connection to her involvement in a leak concerning Alfa Okutagidi.

“The arrest of Iya Osun is a clear violation of her fundamental rights and an affront to justice. We demand an immediate and impartial investigation into this matter to ensure that her rights are protected and that those responsible for this unlawful act are held accountable.

“We stand together in solidarity with Iya Osun and her family during this challenging time. It is crucial that we come together as a community to support her and seek justice for this unjust arrest.

“We urge the relevant authorities to intervene swiftly and ensure that Iya Osun is released immediately and unconditionally. Such actions against innocent individuals cannot be tolerated in any society that upholds the principles of justice and fairness.”

Alhaji Shakiru, also known as “Kajue Baba,” also affirmed the development. Blogger Kajue Baba is a Muslim.

He posted the following on Facebook:

“Iya Osun in Ilorin has been arrested. Let defamation of character against Babawa agba Okutagidi continues.”

Legit. ng contacted SP Ajayi Okasanmi, the spokesperson for the Kwara State Police Command, and the receiver stated that he was uninformed of the arrest.

Tension builds as a Muslim group raids the home of an Osun priestess and warns against conducting the Isese festival in Ilorin.

In related news, Legit. ng reported that a Muslim group in Ilorin, Kwara State, Majlisu Shabab li Ulamahu Society, warned an Osun priestess, Yeye Adesikemi Olokun Omolara Olatunji, against organizing an Isese festival in the state.

The group entered the Osun priestess’ home and announced that Dr Ibrahim Sulu-Gambari, the Emir of Ilorin, had sent them to deliver the warning.




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