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Nine Indicators That You Need A Better Work-Life Balance (And How To Achieve It)

The summer months are a great reminder that it is crucial to make more time for fun activities and personal or family time outside of work throughout the year.

If left unchecked, a determined focus on one’s career or fledgling business can leave one feeling unbalanced, exhausted, anxious, and as though they are missing out on quality time with their loved ones.

If you suspect that your work life is interfering with your personal life, consider these additional symptoms of overwork, as outlined by the Young Entrepreneur Council.

This article discusses these warning signs and what you can do to attain work-life balance.

1. You’re Always Checking In

It’s time for a reevaluation if you’re continuously checking in on work when you’re away from the office, whether it’s during your child’s baseball game, family game night, or vacation.

You should be able to disengage and spend time with your family without feeling guilty or concerned about your job.

Stepping away is the most effective means of recharging and almost always results in happier, more productive employees.

By establishing boundaries, such as implementing an email curfew or committing to a “no cell phones during dinner” rule, you can achieve a better work-life balance.’s Samuel Saxton

2. Your Family And Friends Are Concerned

My closest relationships (friends and family) are typically the first to alert me when I am out of balance. Therefore, I attempt to pay attention when they tell me that I’m out of balance by spending too much time at the office or traveling for work and not enough time with them. – Jeff Cayley, Worldwide Cyclery

3. Your Efficiency Is Declining

Inefficiency is a common indicator of an unbalanced work and personal life. When the workplace is chaotic, productivity tends to decrease.

Summer is an ideal time to reset this equilibrium, as most companies have a greater demand for PTO, flexible hours, and remote work during the warmer months. You do not need a vacation to clear this balance.

Even something as simple as walking outside during your lunch break every day can help reduce the “go, go, go” mentality. – Leila Lewis, Be Inspired PR

4. You Have Problems Concentrating

As the temperature rises, it is natural to want to spend more time outdoors and engaging in enjoyable activities.

This is known as “spring fever” among children and students, but it can affect individuals of all ages.

Adults cannot simply abandon everything and go on vacation whenever they want, but they can alter their routines to achieve a better work-life balance.

Concentration difficulties are an indication that you need to make some adjustments. If this occurs, try spending more time outdoors and engaging in physical activity. Some individuals can use their laptops to work outside.

Even if you’re confined to an office during the summer, you can make an effort to get out more. Even walking before or after dinner can improve one’s disposition. – Kalin Kassabov, ProTexting

5. You Are Unhappy Despite Your Achievements

Having a sense of dissatisfaction and emptiness despite your career success may be an indication that you need a better work-life balance.

The relentless routine can be exhausting and leave you desiring a more balanced lifestyle. Therefore, it is essential to reconnect with your outside-of-work inclinations and interests.

Make time for activities that bring you happiness and satisfaction, such as pursuing a hobby, spending quality time with loved ones, or engaging in personal development endeavors.

Remember to set goals and aspirations that extend beyond your professional accomplishments, and to strive for a more balanced and satisfying existence that encompasses all aspects of who you are. – FE International’s Ismael Wrixen

6. You feel emotionally and physically exhausted.

When someone feels perpetually overwhelmed, exhausted, stressed, or unable to meet deadlines, or when they are physically and emotionally drained, they need more balance.

They may experience a decline in their general well-being, as evidenced by disturbed sleep patterns, increased irritability, or neglect of personal relationships and interests.

If you feel this way, you should reflect and establish priorities. Evaluate your current obligations and responsibilities from a distance.

Determine what genuinely matters to you and identify areas where adjustments can be made or boundaries can be set.

Focus your time and effort on activities that align with your personal values and objectives. Establishing distinct boundaries between work and personal life is also beneficial. – Rachel Beider, PRESS Modern Massage

7. You’re Depriving Yourself Of Fun

If you can’t think of anything but work when someone asks you what’s going on, you need more work-life balance.

If you are making the most of your summer, you should be traveling, spending more time with your family, and fostering relationships.

Therefore, make the most of your vacation and have some fun. Innovation, creativity, and productivity require environment changes and pauses to occur.

Don’t disregard work, but do make time for recreation. – Blair Williams, Press Member

8. Work Has Turned Into A Chore

Burnout manifests itself in a variety of ways, but many who experience it report lacking the motivation to show up each day. They begin to view their work as a burden or obligation.

This is a problem for all employees, but particularly for entrepreneurs, who have more at stake and must consistently give their all. Any decline in productivity or performance is immediately reflected on the balance sheet.

If you feel this way, incorporate more breaks into your agenda. Depending on the nature of your business, you may not be able to take a full week or even two consecutive days off, but you can still schedule time to disconnect from your daily routine, even if it’s just for a few hours. – Andrew Schrage, Personal Finance: Money Crashers

9. You Feel Guilty About Taking Vacation Time

One symptom is feeling guilty about taking a vacation while your coworkers are at work. It is an indicator of deteriorating quality of life. Neglecting personal relationships for the sake of business has negative consequences.

Having a partner who will remind and advise you when you are overextending yourself is one way to combat this. Make a concerted effort to schedule and adhere to personal time as you would an essential investor meeting. Also, commemorate triumphs.

Reward yourself and your family for the sacrifices you’ve made to maintain your business operating at peak performance.

You need this change of scenery to maintain your inspiration, creativity, and sense of purpose. You will acquire renewed vigor and perspective that can be applied to your business.




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